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  • Exporting ourselves to death   3 years 44 weeks ago

    Hey Michael.

    I was happy to see your creative juices were flowing again. I missed reading your column the past few weeks . . . thought maybe you had left The Nelson Daily.

    Once again, glad to read another informative piece again!

  • Service gaps may have contributed to Owen Rooney's disappearance, says report   3 years 44 weeks ago
    Typical IHA response to everything. Have some meetings, write some reports, alter written procedures, and hire some more administrators to oversee it all. The main problems stem from the IHA's massive cuts to beds, hospitals, nurses and other health care workers in order to support the IHA's huge expensive and nonresponsive administration. BC should follow Alberta's lead and get rid of these expensive health "authoritites"
  • LETTER: Democracy wins at UBCM with regard to Smart Meters   3 years 44 weeks ago
    I don't have a problem with smart meters per se, but I have a problem with how they are being phased in. There's no particularly good reason to bring theme all in at once. Smart meters are a fairly new technology, and like most high tech products these days, a better version comes out every 6-12 months. Why spend $billions of dollars buying and installing these meters all at once? What if there's something wrong with these meters (the ones BC Hydro are planning to install have already been hacked - thereby allowing people to steal power or hide power use even more easily than before)? What if a better one comes along next year with better features for energy management? What if the signals are disruptive to cordless home phones and WiFi networks? Will we be expected to spend a further few $billions to buy the "next generation" of smart meters (genius meters)? While we won't see the installation billed directly to us, we do end up paying one way or another for these meters. I'm extremely leery of $billion dollar government/crown corporation contracts that are entirely avoidable - perhaps power companies and government officials were wined and dined a little too well by the meter manufacturers and installers.
  • Service gaps may have contributed to Owen Rooney's disappearance, says report   3 years 44 weeks ago
    Having worked in the healthcare field for 30+ years it has always been a major requirement for documentation, observation and follow-up...Document, document, document..This is for your benefit as a professional to show you have done your due diligence; for the patient so you can provide the best possible care and information for others to provide the best care by accessing what you have recorded; for the other healthcare providers so they can assess and plan. Documentation is a priority as is following Dr orders. To hear that these protocols were not in place in this situation begs the question as to how many other cases have been treated the same way and with dire consequences..
  • COMMENT: The costs of being aboriginal in BC   3 years 44 weeks ago
    Thank you Jane, for writing this expose', we can hope that 'us White colonial Canadians' will pay attention and learn from this. There is so much inequity and every day the 'Beat goes on' for Indigenous people, without a glimmer of understanding or recognition from mainstream immigrant populations. Recognition has to be there - we White folks have to realize that we all have a stake in creating a just Canada. Our liberation from colonization is bound together.
  • LETTER: Democracy wins at UBCM with regard to Smart Meters   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Just like the gas meter outside your house, the electrical meter is property of the utility company, it doesn't belong to the owner of the house it's servicing. And if they want to put a new one on, they have the right. It's seems obvious to me that people growing marijuana, & stealing power to do it will be affected by the installation of these new meters. No one cries about it being mandatory to have smoke detectors, which contain Americinium to provide the sensitivity to detect even the faintest amount of smoke. Americinium is a radioactive element produced in nuclear reactors.
  • Occupy: What can it teach the left?   3 years 45 weeks ago
    World revolution day? Tell that to the Lybians. Most of us in north america have no clue what a revolution is. I agree with the movement, however, what is happening now, with squatters moving into the Nelson city hall grounds, is a mockery of the global movement. Now they are demanding the use of facilities, water, & garbage removal? I am willing to bet that the ones who remain, are not those of the 99% that work Monday to Friday & pay their taxes. To me it seems, they are the percent of the 99% who have nothing to loose. True, the 1% shouldn't be allowed to mold our governments & attempt to shape our world to their desires, the global movement may have opened some eyes to this, but camping out on the lawn infront of Nelson City hall is not reflecting this at all. It just shows disrespect. I would like to see those squatters removed from the area, especially due to remberance day, which I've attended every year since I was a child to honor my great grandfather, grandfathers, and great uncles who left Nelson for the great wars to fight for, amongst other things, our right to freedom of speech & choice. Let's not forget what their sacrifices have given us. The root of the problem here, as with most catalysts to revolution, is the human condition of greed. It's within everyone of us, & those who deny this are just are guilty as those who act on it. These squatters furthering the protest by camping out, in my opinion, does nothing but drive the 99% further apart as a whole. It's the common experience that will ultimately bring us together, & only then, when the majority of the 99% unite to forceably overthrow the corrupt & greedy, will we have a revolution.
  • COMMENT: What is my world?   3 years 45 weeks ago

    Something interesting to contemplate here is the idea of immediate reality versus abstract reality. I know many people--good people--whose politics allow the homeless to bear their burdens alone but who, if confronted with a hungry neighbour, would do whatever it took to help them out, thereby contravening their own 'bootstraps' philosophy. The question these people need to ask themselves is a simple one: Why do my politics and my personal behaviour not line up better than they do? If asked to abandon 'conservative' politics or human decency, I think they'd choose their 'conservatism' (and I use the quotation marks because there's nothing truly conservative about the crap ideology Harper and his underlings are trying to foist on us--their ideology is actually dangerously radical and poorly understood by those who are convinced to support it through appeals to religion and 'tough on crime' bills).

  • COMMENT: What is my world?   3 years 45 weeks ago

     Great questions.

    I feel one of the great dangers of the freemarket, neoliberal mindset that has gripped the 1% — and been driven home as part of the American Dream to many of the right-leaning 99% — is the eshrined belief that individuals are paramount. They hold that the "invisible hand" of financial incentives guides individuals acting rationally in an "unregulated" environment to collectively meet all social needs.

    This cold worldview lays all fame and blame on the individual and leaves many behind as economic deregulation benefits the haves, and social regulation punishes the have-nots. More are getting left behind as our social (or socialist, as many of my American friends would maintain) programs get cut — or were never very good in the first place.

    There is no such thing as independence; we are all dependent. Ask anyone who may have tried to produce all their own food and energy in the difficult quest for self-sufficiency. They know the power of community: it is much easier to be community-sufficient than self-sufficient. Moreover, they will learn that nature is a constant partner and all our individual aspirations depend on her.

    There are those who would spit on the penniless man in the cold, "he created his own destiny and deserves nothing more." There are those who would give to this man and give and give some more, "society has done this man a disservice and he needs all the help we can give him."

    A lot of revisioning is required by a lot of people before the 99% can get past prejudices to reach the truth between the two, and to understand how the neoliberal experiment has subverted our social contract to benefit the few.

  • Lobby group calls for criminal charges against Castlegar men who penned 'Deflowered in Seconds'   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Honestly, for all of the parents out there with a young daughter, as a nineteen year old female, all I can say is, when your daughter is leaving the house, make sure she is wearing clothes. This summer I have seen things that my mom would cry if she saw me walking around town in. Thirteen year old girls wearing spandex shorts that look the same as a pair of underwear is not okay. Letting your daughter leave the house with her breasts and stomach hardly covered, is not okay. When I see a fourteen year old girl with a face full of too much makeup, and hardly any clothes on, and then I hear about this LG issue, where young men are trying to sleep with young girls it shocks me that nobody has put two and two together. Why are your children dressing like this? Perhaps for attention from boys? And why are you allowing your children to leave the house with hardly any clothes on? If you say that young girls should be safe in their own town no matter what they are wearing, you are right, but there is also a thing called reality. Here is a tip that is well known by the generation of parents before you, : Provocatively dressed females attract attention from the wrong type of males. Yes these boys are still at fault because what they do is sick, but to put all blame on them is the easy way out. Talk to your daughters, ensure that they are dressed when they leave the house.
  • $2-mill+ airport-land servicing project under way   3 years 45 weeks ago
  • $2-mill+ airport-land servicing project under way   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Well done Sue, glad to see someone taking a stand against the rubber stamp committee currently entrenched in the city council offices. Good luck, where do we get a lawn sign?
  • RDKB injunction highlights homelessness problems   3 years 45 weeks ago
    Although it is sad that people are forced to live in such third world conditions, here in the "Best Place On Earth." It is even sadder that some people would try to make a profit off of these poor souls. The BC Liberal Government has let us all down as they shrug off their responsibilities for these and other disadvantaged persons across our province in favor of corporate welfare, Olympic parties and a billion dollar roof for a stadium in downtown Vancouver. It is the responsibility of the RDKB to ensure that all buildings in this area meet building, safety and sanitation standards. It would be interesting to see how those that support this camp would respond if a fire swept through and left a number of dead in it's wake.
  • Take Back the Night march tonight   3 years 45 weeks ago
    I think it’s always important to 312-50 create awareness that violence against women is still going on,” she said. “It’s also a time to honour survivors 642-637 of domestic violence and 1Y0-A24 acknowledge those who have died.”
  • $2-mill+ airport-land servicing project under way   3 years 45 weeks ago
    I'm just wondering if the taxpayers of Castlegar actually know that they are on the hook for some $2 million plus dollars for the water and sewer to be extended to the airport lands? Yes the City was successful in securing a Towns of Tomorrow grant for $375,000 for the project - however that only pays for about 25 % of the project. The rest of the $2 million plus will be paid by the taxpayers of Castlegar...that is 75 % of the project or more (if there are overruns, etc.) for the extension. Usually the normal way that municipalities fund such expansions typically is through a local area service charge - kind of what Rossland did when they provided water and sewer to the Red Mountain Development - this way some money cames in, to service the debt while adding a parcel tax to each benefiting property over a 20 year period. Even in the City's 2009 Water Master Plan the plan states (let me paraphrase) - 'water extension could be funded by the developer and capital costs to the taxpayers would be negligible.' However, its clear to me that the whole cost - minus the grant money - the $2 million plus dollars - has been pushed onto the existing taxpayer in Castlegar in pure speculation and assumption that development will come to the area - the 'we will build it they will come' dream. After some research and doing by homework of engaging many residents - I'm wondering about the following: 1.) Was a return on investment analysis completed for the project? 2.) What would the cumulative utility revenue be if the airport lands were developed? 3.)Over how many years would the taxpayers be on the hook until we start realizing a profit from this 'investment'? 4.) Did the city add in enough contingency to cover repairs, replacement costs, etc of the lines? 5.)What's the lifespan of the bridge? 6.) What is the projected annual cost of the heat tracing cable used to keep the lines from freezing during our winter months? 7.) Why is this project a priority over a watermain extension from the Twin Rivers area towards Blueberry which would ensure sufficient fire flow protection? To me the benefits of this project has not been proven yet - there are many hidden costs here that the taxpayers are not aware of - yet this project has been pushed ahead of many necessary infrastructure projects such as those identified in the 2009 Water Master Plan. You remember that one right - the plan that called for some $66 million of capital upgrades over a 20 year period... I truly believe that the current City of Castlegar council has an obligation to be transparent and fiscally responsible with our taxpayers money. Therefore, what is the true cost of this 'extension' and do we really want a council that speculates with our hard earned taxpayer money versus reality! Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff 'A voice of Reason. A voice for the People'
  • All Candidates Forum slated for municipal election   3 years 46 weeks ago
    I'm just wondering how the Chamber came up with November 8th as the date of the all candidates forum as I surely wasn't asked about my schedule and in fact the forum was booked prior to the candidates even being declared official candidates on October 14th at 4 p.m. I'm wondering if Shaw will be in attendance as well and if there is an opportunity for citizens of Castlegar to send in questions that they would like answered but are unable to attend but would watch the debate on Shaw... By the way, if anyone is wondering it turns out that November 8th is open on my calendar. Sue Heaton-Sherstobitoff - A voice of Reason. A voice for the People.
  • Nelsonites join forces with protestors around the world to send message to top one percent of income earners   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Congrats to Nelson from Rossland for getting this together on such short notice. To me the new '99%' movement is a lot like the civil rights movement. When Martin Luther King Jr stated publicly and eloquently that--surprise, surprise--black people were human beings too the logic of his stance was inassailable. Within a few years, political parties of all stripes simply swallowed that logic and the system changed. It happened again in the early 1970s when women declared--surprise, surprise--that they were human beings as well. This message was assimilated fairly quickly as well (here I use the word 'quickly' in the context of history in general). Now the message is--surprise, surprise--that society should offer a level playing field upon which ALL citizens can aspire to make their dreams come true. This message is just as logical as the previous two and it's time for us to make those in power accept it.

    This wasn't a one time deal: this is the beginning of something big.

  • ELECTRIC GRAPEVINE: Overthink different   3 years 46 weeks ago
    Great response david. I had to really think about that when writing it. I had to balance staying true to my years of distaste for apple computers while largely loving their mobile devices. It came down to me asking myself this. "if id had to choose microsoft or apple for my life to date, which is it?" Unfortunately its microsoft and by a longshot when talking actual computers. Ive now had a g3, macbook, g4, two different generations of imac and edited on a macbook pro. Each one has catastrophically failed me on numerous occasions. Again this evening i go to log in remotely to my imac which is 11 months old and its crashed. Im exactly the demographic these things are aimed at too. Ive spent my life editing video, using photoshop, lightroom, doing web design and i cant say any of my mac products have ever outperformed the pc i was running at the time. Especially when cost is factored in. My old dell 8350 ate the imac of the time for dinner. My current i7 pc compared to my current imac is like ivan drago vs french stewart despite both being around the same cost. Granted i get smokin pc deals due to hookups. As far as the subculture movement sure i agree with all you said. However lets not forget up until the past couple years when windows admittedly shit the bed with vista, it wasnt an equal distribution of pc to mac and isnt even near that now. The proliferation of the mobile products, misstep by windows and a hate to say it dumbed down os appeal has probably helped. Attention spans have shortened in film, music, and computing so that likely helps mac of late. I also should point out that when i think of myself and pc usage i go out of my way to build custom rigs ever since that dell. Alot of the time i find pro mac people compare macs to absolute crap gateways or some other such prefab nightmare which is a bad barometer. Anyhow i was just explaining my approach to the article and love the debate i just cant sell myself out knowing each and every one of my macs has failed me greatly.
  • ELECTRIC GRAPEVINE: Overthink different   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Nik, I always very much enjoy your column.  But from my point of view, Jobs' legacy is actually underappreciated.  First of all, I would like to say that I haven't always admired the man.  Many of his actions led me to believe that he was more about ego than true vision.  I have since come to realize that he may have had faults (who doesn't), but he was still a great man.

    But he did more than bring design to technology.  He practically invented the era of the personal computer.

    Jobs was a college dropout, and not a tech geek, but he still managed the sieze on the opportunity of the advent of the PC and transformed it.  It was likely his perview as an outsider that allowed him to see it in ways others had missed.

    Jobs was part of a vibrant hippie/nerd culture in California that was dedicated to empowering people through technology.  I'm not sure how much that could define Jobs' ambition, but he is likely the person out of that subculture who did the most to advance it.

    I think Jobs' true contribution was understanding how people wanted to use technology.  For instance, IBM famously retorted "what would people want with a personal computer?"  That pretty much defines the technology corporations' poor respect for people.

    But Jobs acknowledged the average person's creative potential, and desire to be creative.  The personal computer has been the key tool for that creativity in our time.

    And it was by understanding that impulse in all of us, and catering to it, that Jobs hit the jackpot.

    But most importantly, I think Jobs recognized that the computer was just one of many ways in which people could create and internact digitally.  So while many tried to capitalize on the wave of the PC, and then the internet, they for the most part operated on limited assumptions, and were never able to think out of the box.

    This is why Apple has been the only company able to expand on digital merchandise, by creating products other than or for the PC.  This is how we got iPods, iPhones and finally iPads.

    If anything, I think the big lesson here, which I wish for corporate America to learn, is that people should not be defined as "consumers".  The only way to truly cater to people's needs is to fundamentally respect them.

    But then again, that's the true spirit of democracy, something which is sorely lacking in our part of the world...

    I think the era of the Jobs/Wozniak team should rank in history with the likes of the Wright Brothers, and the battle with Microsoft if not only one that defined our time, but was the basis of a pivotal societal transformation, which is key for most of us to understand.

    I highly recommend watching:

    Pirates of Silicon Valley

    Triumph of the Nerds (PBS documentary)

  • MP calls for extension of Home Renovation Tax Credit   3 years 46 weeks ago
    Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair said of the credit, “This was a time the government got it right.” Despite its popularity 350-030 the HRTC it is not without its problems. It is important to understand that the HRTC is a refundable tax credit—a person has to be paying federal 642-902 income tax in order to be eligible for it. Simply put,646-205 it is not a rebate. People who do not pay tax to the federal government have no means to take advantage of the credit.
  • What the heck? Where's KBS?   3 years 46 weeks ago
    I don't think Mountain fm is "soft rock" just finished listening to AC/DC sounds good to me
  • RDKB injunction highlights homelessness problems   3 years 46 weeks ago

    While the issue of homelessness is a serious one for our small community, the many concerns over the "trailer park" at the Demski's is legitimate. Having seen the property, I can say that the trailers are fixed on the site and possibly do not visit a sani-dump often if at all. Located beside the beautiful Granby River potential sewage dumping is a real threat to health and the environment.

    Other private entreprenuers have been able to provide legally designed options for low-income people in the area and perhaps we should find a way to support their efforts from this fund you suggested for homelessness. Nice idea!


  • RDKB injunction highlights homelessness problems   3 years 46 weeks ago
    Dear Mona; Your article has made it clear that the due process of law only involved the Demskis and the RDKB. The real problem,these poor folks trying hard just to get thru this life,arn't even considered. Shame on the RDKB.Since the Demskis have already antied up and solved these folks immediate needs ,I think Mayor Taylor et al,should give them a medal and organize a block-aid to stop any attempts of the RDKB to dislodge them at this time.Force a moratorium. Lets see if our director of planning, can plan someting a little more humane. PS Mark a donation to the food bank would be a good start. Jim and Betty Martin PS There is homelessness all across Can. for many reasons , there always has been. I see it as a Federal responsibility and believe a portion of our GDP should be set aside annually as a financial pool for the homeless, This pool should be available to cities, municipalities, and villages to apply for funding for the homeless only.This would allow them to by-pass the prov Gov. and Regional Districts.Hopefully this would be a long term cure for this problem.
  • What the heck? Where's KBS?   3 years 46 weeks ago
    KBS used to be the only station I would listen to as I stopped listening to Mountain FM when they changed to only "soft rock"; however, in the last week of listening to the new EZ Rock I have found that the music range has actually seemed to become less varied rather than more! I used to love the fact that I could listen to the 80's at lunch, still get to hear some of my fav 90's songs and get the new top hits as well - now it seems that the only thing I've heard in the last week has been the same "soft rock" that Mountain FM plays (although EZ Rocks seems to span a few more years than Mtn FM's lineup). I've only heard one newer song (and it was about a year old) in the last week! While the personalities are still great and I love listening to Wayne and Jane in the morning, I have now refilled my CD changer in the car with country, pop, 80's, 90's and hits mixes and am saying Adios to the local radio stations as I would like to actually get more music variety! Goodbye KBS, you will be missed!
  • 'Fascinating' and 'provocative' research examines genetic elements of bipolar, schizophrenia   3 years 46 weeks ago

    Just to note, I've contacted the author of this comment and told them how to contact Wikinews, the source of this article.--ed.