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  • IHA and BCAS respond to Source regarding hospital/transport issues   3 years 4 weeks ago
    It is lovely to see how our public health care is failing day by day, and besides that they are making the private health care pay a lot of taxes just because they can. I've recently visited a private Fresno drug rehab center and they have state of the art equipment to treat the patients and really open minded people that pour all of their emotions and life in the job.
  • MP blasts Canada Post   3 years 4 weeks ago
    Sounds very much like the postal workers are being very badly mistreated. However, before I jump on this band wagon, I'd like to know just exactly how much postal workers earn and receive in benefits and how this compares to comparable jobs in the private sector. Once I have this I should better be able to guage how much sympathy I can have for their cause. Perhaps the media, unbiased as they are (or should be), would be so kind as make this information available to the general public. So far, all we seem to hear about, and all Mr Atamanenko and the NDP have focused on, is how dastardly Canada Post and the federal government are.
  • OP/ED: Oops ..where did you go??!?   3 years 4 weeks ago
    Sorry i had typo's, this post is just sad, what are you sippin on kyra.
  • OP/ED: Oops ..where did you go??!?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    Dear Wanker. I have to suggest a couple of things to you. 1. Get a life. Go away, stop writing stupid mindless things on this paper. There are a lot of us, with brains, who follow the news. And, because we know and admire Kyra, we like to read her commentaries. We don't, however, need to read your mindless drivel every time you figure out how to log on. 2. If you insist on posting things, please go back to school and at least learn some english. Did you read your comment? "sporlight"? "gop"? You are embarassing yourself .( or you should be, but sadly don't know that, or you would stop). I am sure you will have something to say back, but why don't you take a minute, and just go play somewhere else. We aren't intersted any more. You aren't funny, and stupidity is NOT charming, or whatever it is you are trying to be. Go away.
  • OP/ED: Oops ..where did you go??!?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    A drunken and sad post by kyra, where did your sporlight gop?
  • Peace motion to be introduced at federal table   3 years 5 weeks ago
    I don't know about the rest but I do know he is making a mistake supporting these ships they are maquarading under the word peace. Unfortunalty not enough take the time to dig deeper into the confilicts that are taking place around the world.
  • Freedom Flotilla II: Who's winning?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    The comparison to the 3rd Reich is not cool, not informed/educated - not cool dude. The conflict in the Middle East is an exceedingly complex one; I would suggest reading up on the immense history of this area in relation to the Abrahamic religions before commenting. Isn't this paper a community newspaper? I'd appreciate sticking to goings on in the Kootenays rather than having ill-informed people with a very narrow world view and perspective write provocative articles on the Middle Eastern peace process. Leave this to the esteemed writers of the NY Times, New Yorker, BBC, and CBC please.
  • Peace motion to be introduced at federal table   3 years 5 weeks ago
    right on! maybe we should have a Department of Rainbows. and then we can have a Department of Lolipops. Alex why don't you do a little more for your riding. You know , the Southern Interior, remember us, one of the more depressed areas in Canada. Work on some job creation and forget about Departments of this and Freedom ships that.
  • Freedom Flotilla II: Who's winning?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    In my own family I witnessed a very painful and disturbing situation. I observed some severe psychological abuse being done by a brother in law towards one of his sons. Later while my sister in law was living for a year at my house with her two sons to recuperate from a traumatic divorce, I could witness the same abusive behaviour of the abused nephew towards his younger brother. The behaviour of Israel reminds me of this scenario. The holocaust was a horrific event. However this does not give a blank check to Israel to flaunt international law. When I saw the excellent movie “The Pianist” it shocked me how we could have made that same movie just changing the nationalities to the current Jewish-Palestinian combination. There is no way to justify the Jewish colonies in occupied and illegally confiscated territories. The appropriation of precious resources like water. The reality of the daily life of ordinary Palestinians. This weekend on CBC Radio there was an Israeli journalist living in Palestine that was more articulate that I could ever dream to be to illustrate the blantant, illegal and dehumanising actions of Israel.
  • Freedom Flotilla II: Who's winning?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    What do you expect from a nation that is being crushed by another? The whole idea of a Jewish homeland, carved out of arab land, for the sole purpose of creating a nation that is prejudiced towards citizens of other faiths if abhorrent. If you were relegated to being a second class citizen based on your religion or lineage, with no real property rights, living in poverty and no hope of ever getting the same privileges as the ruling class, you'd rise up against the state too, specially with the rest of the world looking on and doing nothing. Israel is treating Palestinians almost as badly as the Nazis treated the Jews in Germany during the Nazi reign. It makes no sense at all to me how any nation can support Israel's actions.
  • Freedom Flotilla II: Who's winning?   3 years 5 weeks ago

     I support Israel.

    But that's not the point.

    Atamanenko has been re-elected time, and time, again.

    Getting elected means the public has a right to hear what you have to say, no matter what you say.

    He has earned his right to a voice in local media.

    More than that, if you really gave a damn about democracy, you'd support, at the top of your lungs, the rights of someone else to scream, at the top of THEIR lungs, the opinions of those whom you would denounce for a lifetime, at the top of yours.

    You need to ask yourself who you are, and what you stand for ...because right now, you are choosing to stand against democracy.

    Oppose his beliefs, and I applaud you, whether I agree with you or no. Oppose the media for publishing his opinions ... and I question you on every level.


    Kyra Hoggan



  • Mixed reaction to Communist Party epic in China   3 years 5 weeks ago

    One good thing about reading and writing about dictatorships is you get a lot of practice using irony and reading between the lines...Did the blogger change his mind? Doesn't sound like it to me...

  • Freedom Flotilla II: Who's winning?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    typical article in the Nelson daily supporting Alex's stupid and very non MP view of this situation. His own party doesn't agree with this (most of them) Get a grip. The Hamas want to destory Israel. Plain and simple. They admit it. read this:
  • Conspiracy theories more dangerous than swine flu?   3 years 5 weeks ago
    It is difficult not to have been bombarded with information in the last year in respect of swine flu, or H1N1, as known in the medical community. The flood of news about the swine flu has led many people become frustrated or skeptical about the implications of this new strain of influenza. Although scientists have been waiting for a pandemic of avian influenza, swine flu has taken over the front of the press. Florastor
  • Solstice heats up the day with a maximum blast of daylight — and bonfires   3 years 5 weeks ago
    poor carol, no god
  • Solstice heats up the day with a maximum blast of daylight — and bonfires   3 years 5 weeks ago
    No bonfire here I trust in my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to protect me. He is my rock and my refuge solid ground when all around me is sinking sand.
  • Ainsworth Hot Springs and area get broadband boost   3 years 6 weeks ago

    Yeah, figure that one out.

    I'm not arguing about the merit of the internet access, but where did that several million dollars come from to fund the program?

    It does make one wonder how they can seemlessly pull cash out of different ministries to fund something, and yet let an obviously horrid situation continue like child poverty.

    The accountability is not there. Thanks for voicing your concern on the imbalance.

    The Editor

  • Ainsworth Hot Springs and area get broadband boost   3 years 6 weeks ago
    Wait, so the government CAN fund an INTERNET ACCESS program for rural areas and at the same time can accept that the province of BC has THE HIGHEST RATE of childhood (and adulthood, for that matter) poverty of ANY province in the country? This, to me, is unacceptable...
  • Province's insurance brokers name Nelson’s Poulin as new president   3 years 6 weeks ago
    This is a nice example of evolution, of a person who invested both in career and in family, I wish him success. I was thinking of following a career in insurance too, thought of trying at Landlords Insurance since properties are especially of interest to me. I had no idea IBABC has a history of 40 years already..
  • Leaked documents ahead of key Lima meeting suggest UN body looking to slow emissions with technological fixes rather than talks   3 years 6 weeks ago
    What egos you have. To think you can manipulate nature ! When you can stop a volcano from erupting that is putting more pollutants into the atmosphere in 24 hours, than man has put into it since we learned to walk, then come back and talk to us. Fighting nature is plain stupid. Teach us how to live with climate change, teach us how to live in harmony with the earth and then you will have something people will believe and follow. Sure there are always some science followers but mostly there are smarter people.
  • Time to stand up for striking workers: Atamanenko   3 years 6 weeks ago
    Yes, Alex, again and again. You follow the sheep. Trying to make an impression on the already brain washed. This is why the NDP get nowhere. They keep recruiting the same people, over and over and the flock all stick together.
  • Councillor / CAO dispute ends in RCMP action   3 years 6 weeks ago
    Councellor Charlton needs to remember that he is on that council as a representative of the people who put him there. His personal beliefs may be a factor but must never be a factor over and above those who put him in that job. Remembering an interview years ago when W.A.C. Bennett was interviewed about how his son (Bill Bennett) was doing......he was asked if his son didn't do well would he take him behind the wood shed and the former Premier replied.....No, the people will. As a former Rosslander (born and raised) now living in Christina Lake, I think perhaps this Mr. Charlton needs to see the public wood shed! Thank You.
  • LETTER: Let's open up the HST discussion   3 years 7 weeks ago
    The HST is a bad tax. It hurts the vast majority of BC residents and does very little, if any, good so far as I can tell. First off, it takes $2 Billion per year out of the pockets of British Columbia's citizenry to cover the tax break given to a few larger businesses. Then, it takes an additional $820 Million per year to support the ever-growing provincial bureaucracy. It does all this by taxing a whole lot of things that were not taxed by the Province before... like restaurant meals, haircuts, RRSP management fees, physiotherapy fees, massage fees, dentist fees, lawyers fees and Lord knows what else! The LIE-berals have said that they will reduce the percentage from 12% to 10% in 2014 after the next Provincial Election. Frankly, I do not believe them. They will whine and snivel about how circumstances have changed and will, if anything, raise that percentage to even more ruinous levels. Remember -- they lied about bringing in the HST in the first place. The LIE-berals say it is good for business. They should have qualified that. It is not good for small businesses, restaurants, bars, and the like, because it requires much more frequent filings of paperwork and submission of money. That means workload for those businesses and deprives them of the interest they could have earned on the money to be submitted. It also means a huge bureaucracy to process it all. Businesses must now remit the HST when they buy something like a computer to resell. Sure, they can claim input tax credits... but that happens much later. They have to pay it up front and wait for a rebate. Big businesses in the resource sector may get a break if their markets are out of the country. Construction firms that get their contracts directly from the Provincial Government will do well too. Unfortunately, there are not that many of either businesses in the Province. I don't know about you, but I am sick of being lied to by the arrogant LIE-berals. Let's send them a message they cannot ignore. When you get your ballot vote "YES" to extinguish the HST.
  • OP/ED: Public meeting on LG/sex manual issue critical for Castlegar parents   3 years 7 weeks ago
    This is AWESOME and am looking forward to seeing some amazing things happen out of something so terrible. Keep up the Good Work and thank you Kyra and to all those community figures that are standing up. I so appriciate it. And you will all be in my prayers. You have no idea what this means to me.
  • COMMENT: Is the postal strike coming to town? And will we notice if it does?   3 years 7 weeks ago
    It's too bad that all the info on mail volumes reported are numbers given by Canada Post and even then they are reported wrong. Canada Post claims that "Mail" volumes are down by 17% not that only letter mail volumes are down by that number. Working at the post office as an inside worker for 27years, I see the increase in mail volumes every day. Canada Post doesn't even consider letter mail to be important, that's not where their money comes from they tell us. The volumes and revenue are higher due to increases in admail and on-line ordering. Those have increased so much that the overtime we get is incredible. They keep reducing staff while volumes increase and then end up paying huge amounts for overime to both inside workers and letter carriers. Why doesn't Canada Post and the media report this? GS Inside postal worker