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  • Public meeting on LG issue still a go   3 years 6 weeks ago
    Maybe if the 'Prefessionals' who are employed by our local social service agencys lived in Castlegar they would take an active role when the community is concerned over huge issues like this. Its easy to take a back seat when it is not your child being threatened and you get to go home to another community every night.
  • A modernized grid: Smart meter installations begin   3 years 6 weeks ago
    SMART METERS LINKED TO CANCER. Utility Companies based previous safety claims on World Health Organization (WHO). But May 31 2011, WHO says Wireless Smart Meter radiation is linked to CANCER (possible human carcinogen – same as Lead, DDT, etc), and so it likely also damages bodies & brains (including children’s) in many additional ways sooner than cancer. 1. WIRELESS SMART METERS – 100 TIMES MORE RADIATION THAN CELL PHONES. Video Interview: Nuclear Scientist, Daniel Hirsch, (5 minutes). 2. WIRELESS SMART METERS – CANCER, NERVOUS SYSTEM DAMAGE, ADVERSE REPRODUCTION AFFECTS. Video Interview: Dr. Carpenter, New York Public Health Department, Dean of Public Health, (2 minutes). 3. THE KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE IN STOCKHOLM (the University that gives the Nobel Prizes) ISSUES GLOBAL HEALTH WARNING AGAINST WIRELESS SMART METERS. 2-page Press Release: 4. Must–See 4-minute Video on Smart Meters (Not related to Health Issues)
  • An idiosyncratic, multi-lingual journey through 300 years of vocal music and a homecoming of sorts   3 years 7 weeks ago
    Check out free guitar lessons where guitar players come and share their secrets and tips.
  • Checking in with BC’s NDP leader Adrian Dix   3 years 7 weeks ago
    Dix did not respond to comments on twitter or email
  • IOC brings Olympic sized opportunities to Rossland   3 years 7 weeks ago
    To realize this opportunity the ski area needs to devote more time and resources to the park facilities. The academy skiers and snowboarders are at a real disadvantage not having a decent park facility to train in.
  • Trail Stingrays kick start their 2011 Summer Season!   3 years 7 weeks ago
    The trail team is doing really good. I am from the Castlegar Aquanauts. Swimming is hard work. You have good team.
  • No 'right' option in the HST referendum, but 'Yes' seems better than a return to PST and GST   3 years 7 weeks ago
    ... because the system of collecting taxes is much less important than how they are used; and a vote to return to the PST/GST system would mean that some of the taxes we pay get wasted in changing the administration of the tax system (again).
  • Canada, other countries block Chrysotile asbestos from U.N. hazardous list   3 years 7 weeks ago
    The continued trade of asbestos is absolutely ridiculous. This mineral has been linked to serious diseases such as mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis. Canada has banned asbestos - - within its own borders while allowing it to be sold to developing nations. It is time to stop this hypocrisy. Regards, TM
  • No 'right' option in the HST referendum, but 'Yes' seems better than a return to PST and GST   3 years 7 weeks ago
    Just to clarify: voting "Yes" in the referendum is a vote to get rid of the HST. I voted yes, for several reasons. First, I want to send a message to the ruling Liberals (and lets make no mistake, despite a change in their leader, it's still the same party) - they can't lie to us in an election campaign. And then trying to bribe us with our own tax money, as Christy Clark is doing, is an even bigger affront. The HST takes away from the province the power to decide what gets taxed and what doesn't - it now gives that power to the federal government. That's fine when the two governments see eye to eye on what needs to be taxed, as is likely the case on most things right now, seeing as we have two extreme right wing governments, but what happens when provincial and federal priorities clash? Sure we can give rebates on various things, but that is expensive to administer, and never as good a motivator as a value added tax (or lack thereof). The HST was brought in for one reason, and one reason only: it saves money for big corporations - you know, the same entities that make lots of money and that already pay very little taxes on profits. If it saves corporations money, that tax revenue loss must come from somewhere: more debt or more tax paid by consumers - either at the till or off their pay check. The one thing I like about the HST as opposed to the GST/PST is that it saves administrative money by only having one tax collector. Fortunately, if we vote "Yes" and get rid of the HST, we can negotiate with the federal government for that to continue - even if we return to two taxes - it could all be collected by Revenue Canada, and then the PST portion simply transferred to our provincial government. Don't let the Liberals bribe you with your own money. Vote "Yes" in the referendum.
  • Four men arrested for sexually assaulting young girls   3 years 8 weeks ago
    “The Criminal Code also reflects the seriousness of this offenceas it sets out minimum sentences for those convicted of Sexual Interference. For a summary conviction, the minimum sentence is 14 days incarceration, and for indictable convictions, the minimum sentence is 45 days incarceration.”
  • OP/ED: Millennium Park not just for whiners   3 years 8 weeks ago
    I'd be suprised if this actually happens, everyone here has to bitch about something, just peoples trying to ruin fun. It's not everyone just some old grumpy people.
  • OP/ED: Millennium Park not just for whiners   3 years 8 weeks ago
    Here are the comments I submitted to the City. No one ever acknowledged receiving them from the city, so I thought I’d post them here. Yep, it’s long-winded and whiny but at least here I will probably get some feedback. Feedback on Millennium/Twin Rivers park master plan: While I am impressed that Castlegar is seeking full public input, and I did attend the charrette, I find the current plan to be overly ambitious and does not accurately reflect the ideas presented by the general public. I feel the consulting firm came with too many ideas and most discussions were steered toward them, despite many comments from the audience endorsing a simpler and more nature friendly plan. Given the recent referendum results on the recreation centre expansion, I don’t believe there is any appetite in Castlegar to take on such elaborate upgrades to the park. Particularly considering that basic maintenance and upkeep are already a challenge for the city. Ideas presented (and mapped) 1. Lazy river – the facilitators did not seem to listen when people explained there are already decent swimming opportunities in the park (water levels rise for summer). A lazy river would be expensive to build and costly to maintain. Just do some clean up and add new sand to the existing swim areas. The plans, as drawn, will not pass a department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) review as it will destroy a significant fish fingerling area. Please consult a group like Golder Associates before perusing any expensive site design for a lazy river. 2. New road in and parking area – expensive and will destroy natural areas in the park. Just improve signage for Columbia ave down to the existing parking lot (and finish paving it) 3. Camping? Was talked about in early stages –looks like sensibility has taken it off the agenda. 4. Bike park – great idea. The proponents of this are willing to do the work themselves and will cost the city little for maintenance. 5. Soccer field upgrades (change rooms/ concession) – Castlegar soccer has gotten more than enough from the city. Let them pay for all these upgrades and provide on-going financial compensation for the year round maintenance of the soccer facilities. Their user fees should be much higher. 6. If the master plan is to be considered a long term “wish list” then the elimination of the snow and construction site dumping should be included in the plan. While it may be currently unfeasible, they should not be taken off the record and viable alternatives should be sought on an on-going basis. You are seeking public input for the park master plan, listen to the people who live in the 5th ave area – ignoring them will not make them go away. Priority should be given to maintenance over new projects. 1. Root damage to pathway needs to be fixed. Root prune edge of path annually, this is a common agricultural practice that could work for the path. 2. Sustainable water use. Grounds are over watered. I’ve observed the sprinklers running during rain storms and after weeks of rain, to the point the ground becomes squishy. This is an on-going problem for the soccer fields during the spring when they are used. Need moisture sensors for irrigation control. Water meters should be installed – should be true for all city water use. Set a good example. Annual flowers are a poor choice – how about xeroscaping? Fix all the line breaks and low spots where water pools. Holes and over saturation is leading to a mosquito problem in this area – potential for West Nile problems. 3. Bear aware. Install bear proof garbage cans (like Zukerberg). Remove all derelict fruit trees- 3rd ave side is bad for this. 4. Pave the rest of the parking lot – will stop people from doing donuts and raising dust 5. Quit using 5th ave area for city dumping ground. It’s a park. 6. Clean up the beaches and add some more sand – ban dogs. 7. Work with Terrasen and reclaim pipeline area Focus should be on use by the general public rather than special interest groups. Do an effective on site survey of who really uses the park. Not just who shows up at meetings. Remember that the park boarders on residential areas, must consider them during planning. 1. Change rooms are an expensive upgrade that will see limited use (a few times per year – only for soccer tournaments). Initial cost and on-going maintenance should be the responsibility of user groups. There are already excellent regulation soccer fields at the Rec Complex and Pass creek. 2. Outdoor gym is an excellent idea, general use. 3. Expand playground – family use is very high at this park. Make it a showcase for the city. 4. Create dog use zones, like Gyro in Trail and Lakeside in Nelson. Ie, no dogs on beach, dogs on leash on trails and main areas. Dog off leash in 5th ave area and pits. The main beach areas should be posted as “NO DOGS” – they are both a health and safety hazard in a public swimming area. 5. Anchored picnic tables and bbq’s would be great. 6. Wish list item - A basket ball courts with edges that would work for winter skating rink, could also be used for safe and contained skateboarding. 7. Directions and maintenance to Zukerberg 8. Visible signage to the park from Columbia.
  • 2010: Castlegar promotes pilot project for pesticides   3 years 8 weeks ago
    Time to move on eliminating pesticide in Castlegar city parks. Contractors were spraying the herbicide Trillion in the Twin Rivers/Millennium park today (July 6/2011) which contains 2,4-D:,4-Dfactsheet.pdf The City of Castlegar keeps telling us they are committed to eliminating pesticides from parks, when will it happen? Residents having been calling for this since 2006 "The majority of respondents (71.8%) favor eliminating the use of pesticides and herbicides in municipal parks. 12.5% of respondents indicated that they do not support such an initiative."- source page 21.
  • No 'right' option in the HST referendum, but 'Yes' seems better than a return to PST and GST   3 years 8 weeks ago
    If the hst was included in the price, as it is in New Zealand, no one would even notice. The problem with our tax system is that it is added on at point of sale. It's a stupid system whether it be hst or gst/pst.
  • OP/ED: Millennium Park not just for whiners   3 years 8 weeks ago
    I believe that our young folks need stuff like this too. I think the over all plan is exciting and I for one am looking forward to moving ahead with some financial comittement from the City.
  • Do you have environmental toxic exposure?   3 years 8 weeks ago
    This can all be fixed by your diet, the gerson diet can help this alot, helps remove toxins
  • OP/ED: Millennium Park not just for whiners   3 years 8 weeks ago
    Something like this would be awesome, especially some biking trails AND jumps etc. This is a good bargain instead of updating the complex, still gives everyone something to do, because this town really needs it. I used to mountain bike, but alot of trails around here have been destroyed, thus turning off alot of bikers. It's really frustrating because mtbing was the only outlet that my friends and I had, but tearing down the trails and such actually discouraged us. The skate park helped, but we are mountain bikers and all and i'm sure the skateboarders/bmxer's would love to have the park more to themselves etc. Also when you ride the same spots in town for years, it gets really boring, this is part of the reason we all sold our bikes, didn't quite have trucks to go and drive to other trails. We all used to bike almost everyday, we would bike all over the place, up and down town about 3 or 4 times a day. If we can get a good trail and jumps etc, i'll have to buy a bike again. With small towns such as Castlegar, projects like these are crucial to kids development and keeping them out of trouble. Really the money shouldn't be a problem because this is our town, a small one, with very little to do, the more we invest into our kids the less trouble they will get in. Also tearing down the trails made us mad, because we are just trying to have fun, but they are just ruining it, just made us wanna create mischief, because to us, that was the message they were sending.
  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 8 weeks ago
    I'm just mirroring the ridiculousness of kyra's blog, quite a hilarious read . Oh and just because your literate on the internet, doesn't make you a superior being LOL, but good luck telling yourself that. Also you can ban whoever you want, but that's just causes a temporary inconvenience
  • Do you have environmental toxic exposure?   3 years 8 weeks ago
    What if you have allergies that trigger some of the symptoms
  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 8 weeks ago
    Dear Editor. Apparently Wanker is getting more ridiculous by the minute, if that is possible. Anyone who would take the time to log onto a community news source and write two words - "Suck it"- may be a good candidate to ban. I enjoy reading the intelligent, insightful, and debatable comment threads, with people expressing opinions, thoughts, and even arguments that at least took a brain cell or two to compose. In my humble opinion, some moron writing "suck it" in response to the Police trying to educate people and perhaps cut down on the number of people killed by the effects of drinking and driving, distracted driving etc, is a good candidate to perhaps not have his "voice" heard on here. Perhaps he can go find some internet site where he can just continue to throw out his highly intelligent blatherings, because obviously he can't string an intelligent thought together. Personally, I am sick and tired of reading it. I'm pretty sure a "poll" of regular readers would show that I'm not alone in thinking that perhaps Wanker should disappear. Since we can't make that happen in real life in order to spare precious oxygen, can he at least be made to find another means to spew his sad, non-intellectual, moronic comments? Just my thought on it. Thanks. Keep up the good work.
  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 9 weeks ago


    While your commentary has been uniformly illiterate, moronic and intentfully offensive, I don't believe in censorship, and so have allowed you to say your peice.

    This is where I draw the line , though - comments like "suck it", directed at ANYONE, will henceforth be deleted, and if I have to delete more than one of your comments, you will be blocked from the site.

    How this plays out from here is entirely up to you.

    Kyra Hoggan


  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 9 weeks ago
    I don't have to explain anything, all i have to say is suck it to them in general. Also it's the internet, i'll be as illiterate as i want, still got my point across.
  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 9 weeks ago
    Dear Sir: I am calling you Sir because I am very certain you are not female. You are most probably a young, white male between the ages of 16 and 24, poorly educated, bad personal hygiene, socially inept, and by the posts you regularly make here, stupid. It is also obvious that you have some rudimentary computer skills and basic English. Why not put them to real use and write a piece explaining just why the police should "suck it". I am sure you must have some truly valid arguments why drunk driving should be tolerated, encouraged and supported by the police. I would really like to hear more from you - especially if you have something to say.
  • Police out in full force starting this weekend in summer CounterAttack   3 years 9 weeks ago
    suck it police
  • Get a grip on the steering wheel, carbon tax increases the hit at the pump   3 years 9 weeks ago
    Curious how do they spend the carbon tax.