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Regional News

by Contributor on Monday Feb 22 2010

Dear editor,

Kudos to the doctors and nurses who have had the courage to speak out about the proposed cutbacks in the OR department at KBRH in Trail. I would like to throw in my two bits' worth and make it personal.

by Andrew Zwicker on Saturday Feb 20 2010

Between 11:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. today a rotating group of at times 30 or more strong protested what they believed to be the steady and continuous destruction of our area's healthcare system.

by Contributor on Tuesday Feb 16 2010

by Tiffany Kanda

The Steps Dance Company has been working hard to create a once in a life time opportunity.They will be presenting a fashion show titled 27 Dresses, which will show case wedding dresses throughout the century.  It is truly a celebration of women.

by Contributor on Monday Feb 15 2010

 Teck and the BC Cancer Society (screening Program) have donated a very useful pelvic exam table to the Selkirk College Nursing program.

by Contributor on Monday Feb 15 2010
The Lower Columbia Community Development Team has established the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCI).
by Contributor on Monday Feb 15 2010

Up until nine months ago, the lighting in schools across School District No. 20 (Kootenay-Columbia) was old and inefficient. Many of the fixtures dated back more than 40 years.

by Contributor on Monday Feb 15 2010

The Mir Centre for Peace Winter Lecture Series will be starting its new season on February 23 with internationally recognized scholar, anthropologist, land claims researcher, policy adviser, film-maker and writer, Dr. Hugh Brody.

Dr. Hugh Brody will show a segment of his film Meaning of Life and share his research related to aboriginal land claims and aboriginal youth.

by Contributor on Thursday Feb 11 2010
Selkirk College, along with other educational institutions in North America and the world, is actively pursuing environmental sustainability in all facets of its locations, hoping to reduce its overall impact on the environment.