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Regional News

by Contributor on Wednesday Dec 08 2010

Selkirk College has joined forces with TRIUMF--a consortium of 15 universities in Canada whose purpose is to conduct world-class experimental research in subatomic physics and nuclear medicine and to commercialize its spin-off technologies.

by The Nelson Daily Sports on Sunday Dec 05 2010

By Bruce Fuhr,
The Nelson Daily Sports

Generally the unofficial/opening day at Whitewater Ski Resort is a low-key opportunity for the staff to get a dry run of what is to be expected throughout the season.

by Contributor on Sunday Dec 05 2010

MP Alex Atamanenko will be hosting events at both ends of his riding of BC Southern Interior this week.

by Laila Yuile on Saturday Dec 04 2010

As an adult, I think I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Christmas. Don’t get me wrong - I love the festive lights, the excitement of seeing my children enjoy the holidays, get-togethers and all the cooking…but I  really, really hate the commercialization, obligation and fake sentiment that also seems to have come to accompany the entire season.

by Murray Dobbin on Thursday Dec 02 2010

So, I guess if you want to break the law – say, counseling someone to commit murder – you might want the judge to be the CBC’s ombudsman.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Thursday Dec 02 2010

NDP Leader Carole James mishandled the “Bob Simpson” problem several weeks ago ..and now that has come back to haunt her. At the time, I criticised James for having MLA Simpson turfed from caucus for publicly criticising as lacklustre a speech  she made to the Union of BC Municipalties convention.

by Contributor on Wednesday Dec 01 2010

The massive Biotech lobby has spent nine months and hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting against New Democrat Agriculture Critic Alex Atamanenko’s seed bill.  

by Murray Dobbin on Friday Nov 26 2010

Hearing Carole James declare that the challenge to her leadership is over – because the NDP’s Provincial Council backed her – reminds me of George Bush on the US air craft carrier with the huge “Mission Accomplished” sign behind him after the initial attack in Iraq.

Talk about not getting it.