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Regional News

by Alex Atamanenko on Friday Sep 10 2010

The current Bill C-391 to abolish the gun registry appears to be receiving a lot of media attention these days. The Conservative government is cranking up its publicity campaign to abolish the registry, pitting different regions of the country against each other.

by Contributor on Friday Sep 10 2010

David Suzuki will be engaging audiences in the West Kootenay this September with a thought-provoking talk about an elder’s vision for our sustainable future.

by Contributor on Friday Sep 10 2010

Kristopher Ede from Invermere takes the prize for the SCRATCH Writing Challenge Readers’ Choice Award.

by Contributor on Wednesday Sep 08 2010

Pending approval of a final permit, contractors will begin work between Sept. 13 and Sept. 20, 2010 to remove granulated slag at Black Sand Beach on the upper Columbia River. The work is being conducted to clean up polluted material on the beach from the Teck Metals Ltd. (formerly Teck Cominco) smelter in Trail.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Sep 07 2010

[Editor's note: Part one of Mr. Oberfeld's column should be right below this one. I decided to print the two simultaneously as this is an important issue and one that will only become more and more urgent as corporate newspapers struggle to survive in an age of declining revenues]

by Harvey Oberfeld on Tuesday Sep 07 2010

How do you tell the difference between journalism today and prostitution?  Hmmm... 


Sorry: it’s not a joke; there is no punchline; it’s only a question I’ve been asking myself since reading the ”major”  Vancouver  newspapers last weekend.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Saturday Sep 04 2010

It’s actually hard not to laugh! But really, we should be crying.


Finance Minister Colin Hansen stood before the cameras this week and told British Columbians he had no idea his own Finance Ministry officials were holding extensive discussions with federal counterparts in Ottawa on the HST in March, 2009 … a few months before the provincial election.

by Contributor on Wednesday Sep 01 2010

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) invites Basin youth ages 15-29 to sign up now for CURRENTS: Columbia Basin Trust Youth Water Forum 2010, being held at Halcyon Hot Springs in Nakusp, September 24-26, 2010.