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Actions of logging truck driver saves elderly woman from major injuries

A loaded logging truck ended up blocking Highway 6 Thursday morning after swerving to miss a pickup truck. — Photo courtesy Jason Gretzinger

Staff at Nelson Toyota got a major surprise Thursday morning when a loaded logging truck swerved to miss a truck outside the Highway 6 location south of the Heritage City, ending up in the ditch and blocking the road.

The accident happened at approximately 8:15 a.m. when an elderly woman was pulling out of a side road onto the highway.

It's not sure whether the woman did not see the loaded logging truck or thought there was more time to get ahead of the 18-wheeler.

However, the logging truck driver, realizing his rig would collide with the woman's vehicle, went into evasive mode before clipping the pickup truck and landing in the ditch.

Nelson Fire Department, City Police and RCMP responded to the accident scene.

No one was injured in the accident but elderly woman was taken to Kootenay Lake Hospital via police cruiser. The pickup truck received damage to the passenger side.

Highway 6 was closed to through traffic for approximately one hour. Traffic was diverted using Perrier Road.

Ironically, while the accident was waiting to be cleared a vehicle went into the ditch and needed to be pulled out by a passing motorist.

Sales people at Nelson Toyota provided traffic control while the vehicle was pulled from the ditch.