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Castlegar man loses motorcycle after first 20 km

A Castlegar man who made some poor decisions is now paying quite the price for them, according to RCMP Sgt. Chad Badry.

“On April 2, at 4:30 p.m., a member of the West Kootenay Integrated Road Safety Unit came across a 43-year-old male motorcyclist driving his brand new Harley Davidson in excess of 127km/h in an 80km/h zone on Highway 3A near Thrums,” Badry said in a press release Monday.

“The biker was driving very aggressively speeding and passing vehicles then sped up when the police vehicle attempted to pull him over. He eventually pulled over without incident.”

Badry said that, after a quick assessment, the police officer required the driver to provide a breath sample on a roadside screening device and determined the driver to be impaired by alcohol.

He added the driver lost his license for 90 days under the Immediate Roadside Prohibition program, his motorcycle was impounded for 30 days, and he received a hefty fine for driving without due care.

“The 2017 motorcycle had only about 20 kilometers on the odometer and the driver just couldn't wait until he was sober to take his new bike for a ride, (thus) endangering himself and others,” Badry said. “While it will cost the driver a lot to get his license back and his motorcycle released, he is lucky that he didn't cause a serious crash.

“Now he won't be able to ride his new motorcycle until at least June.”

Badry wrapped up the press release with a reminder to local motorists.

“Now that spring seems to finally be here, more motorcyclists and bicyclists will be on our highways,” he said. “Police would like to remind drivers to give motorcyclists and bicyclists space. Police would also like to remind all drivers that intoxicants like alcohol and drugs do not mix with driving.”