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Charges laid after a lengthy international money laundering investigation

Cong Dinh . . . Canada Wide warrant issued for arrest

The RCMP Federal Serious Organized Crime (FSOC) partnered with the California Division of the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation (IRS-CI) and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in an international money laundering investigation to collect evidence for charges in Canada.
FSOC, DEA and IRS-CI investigated a Vietnamese Organized Crime (VOC) group allegedly involved in the laundering of approximately $2.7 million dollars obtained from the trafficking of cocaine and ecstasy
It is alleged that the Vietnamese organized crime group had a drug trafficking network moving ecstasy south to the U.S. and cocaine north to Canada that included affiliations in California, Mexico, Australia, Vietnam and across Canada.  
Minh Nguyen, 26, from Orange County,California was arrested on September 25th, 2010 by the IRS/DEA in Orange County.

He was convicted of money laundering and drug trafficking. NGUYEN has plead guilty and is currently awaiting sentencing in the US.
"The RCMP's Federal Serious Organized Crime Section will continue to work with our local, national and international partners targeting Canada's highest level organized crime groups. This is an excellent demonstration of the RCMP collaborating with major international partners to achieve a significant dismantling and disruption of organized crime in Canada" said Chief Superintendent Kevin deBruyckere, Deputy Criminal Operations Officer Federal Policing.
"This is a significant disruption of both the flow of proceeds of crime and the organized crime group's ability to fund additional cross-border drug trafficking transactions and an enforcement success at the higher level of Organized Crime in Canada" says Insp. Cal CHRUSTIE, Operations Officer FSOC – Group 6.
Cong Dinh also 26 years of age from Burnaby British Columbia subsequently fled from Canada and has been charged with section 462.31 CC - Laundering the Proceeds of Crime X 5 and 354 CC - Possession of Proceeds of Crime X 1.

DINH’s residence in Canada located in the 5600 block Goring Street, Burnaby BC was searched in early 2011 and resulted in further evidence being secured.
DINH is believed to have fled Canada to Vietnam and a Canada Wide warrant has been issued for his arrest.