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E-Bike Expo to open doors to the future of transportation

The City of Nelson will be hosting an E-Bike Expo on Friday, June 24 aimed at increasing active transportation through the use of the bicycle.

For those considering an E-Bike, there is an opportunity to get a deeper view on the future of transportation.

The City of Nelson will be hosting an E-Bike Expo on Friday, June 24 aimed at increasing active transportation through the use of the bicycle.

The event will be an opportunity to have face-to-face conversations with residents who own and operate an E-Bike, said Cecilia Jaques, City of Nelson climate and energy advisor.

In addition, there will be numerous different bikes on display, and people will get the chance to hear about “real-world experiences” relating to the bikes.

“We’ve heard many residents say they want to purchase an E-Bike but aren’t sure where to start – our goal is to bring people together to learn from each other and make it easier for people to start cycling,” she said. “The idea for the event is to provide a space where residents can drop in and have an informal conversation with their neighbours about choosing an E-Bike.”

First to the line

Two years ago the City of Nelson launched the E-bike Financing Program and has since distributed over 120 loans to Nelson homeowners.

“The program is designed to promote a healthy alternative to driving and decrease the climate impact of transportation in Nelson,” noted Jaques.

As the first municipality to launch a commuter bicycle incentive program in the province, Nelson has since witnessed similar programs launching across B.C.

More information

The E-Bike Expo will be free to attend and take place on Friday, June 24, from 3 – 7 p.m. at the Nelson Innovation Center, located in Railtown (next to the Visitors Centre). 

People interested in an E-Bike and the expo can visit the City of Nelson’s Facebook Page for more information.

For those who want to share an E-Bike experience at the E-Bike Expo, you can contact Jaques at

Partnering with UBC’s REACT Lab

To understand the impact of the E-Bike financing program on travel behaviour and greenhouse gas emissions, the city has partnered with UBC’s REACT (Research on Active Transportation) Lab

This year people enrolling in the E-Bike financing program will have the opportunity to participate in a state-of-the-art independent study that will measure the long-term impact of purchasing an E-Bike.

Participation in the study is optional and will not affect whether residents receive a loan. Survey data will be collected in three phases, and participants will be entered into prize draws for gift cards of up to $50.

“We are thrilled to partner with Nelson to study the impacts of E-Bike adoption and promotion,” said Dr. Alex Bigazzi, who will lead the study. “E-Bikes present a great opportunity for climate mitigation with many co-benefits including decreased pollution and healthier lifestyles, but we currently have very little real-world data on E-Bike usage in Canada.”

Source: City of Nelson