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Letter: Refugees

Honourable Minister McCallum,

The West Kootenay Friends of Refugees agreed to sponsor a Syrian family of four, through the BVOR program, on Jan.6/16.  As you are probably well aware, this is an exciting commitment for dozens of people in any sponsoring community.  We have spent countless hours fundraising and preparing the community of Rossland BC to welcome this family.

Sadly, they have not arrived.  More to the point, we have no idea why not, when they may arrive, or what the issues facing them now may be.  

It is difficult to keep the community's faith in our group and interest in the project up, when we cannot provide them with up to date information.

Mostly, though, we are concerned that this family and many others are facing ongoing hardship as well as lack of support and information from our government.

Could you please strive to expedite the arrival of these families, and to keep their sponsors informed of the process / progress?  Our commitment as Canadians did not end on Feb. 29/16.  It is important as humanitarians that we follow through on our promises in a timely fashion.

I look forward to hearing from your office.  Thank you.


Jill Peacock