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Police issue warning re: 'Pop-up' scam

Castlegar RCMP have received several calls from concerned citizens due to another computer scam that is occurring. While on their computer, they have received a pop-up message complete with a siren wailing, warning them that their computer has been associated with child pornography and that in order to "unlock" their computer they need to pay $100. The pop up advised them that the RCMP or CSIS has discovered illegal activity and a file has been started.

These messages are NOT issued by the RCMP, and people should NOT pay the $100 to make the "police matter" go away. Persons experiencing this said that eventually the pop-up went away, and on a couple of occasions they re-started their computer and were fine.

Tips to protect yourself:

- never click on a pop up that claims your computer has a virus

- update your anti virus software often and scan your computer regularly for viruses

- don't click on links or attachment in e mails sent to you by someone you don't know

- turn on your browser's pop-up blocking feature

- never download anti-virus software from a pop-up or link sent to you in an e mail.

Most of the ongoing scams, and how to deal with them can be found on the following website: