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POLICE: Meth crackdown reducing crime

Atlas Vanlines truck overturned west of Greenwood; Photo, Mona Mattei
Grand Forks RCMP has successfully arrested four methamphetamine drug dealers across the Boundary region in the last month.
“The latest arrest was yesterday (Wednesday, Oct. 20) and it was a man from Greenwood who was active selling meth in our community,” reported Staff Sergeant Jim Harrison of the Grand Forks detachment. “He was arrested and pled guilty to possession for the purpose of trafficking methamphetamine.”
Harrison said the Greenwood man was sentenced to six months in jail. These arrests have been the result on ongoing investigations into the area’s drug-related crime. The other three arrests have resulted in sentences of nine months, two years plus-a-day, and another for 15 months.
“It’s certainly had an impact on other crime as well,” said Harrison. “The related property crime situation has certainly taken a major decrease by putting these people out of play.” 

Midway RCMP dealt with a serious traffic accident on Wednesday, Oct. 13 as a semi-trailer slid off Highway 3 just west of Greenwood. The accident occurred about 6:00 p.m. when the driver caught the wheels of his moving truck in the soft shoulder on the side of the highway. The driver was not hurt, but it took hours to remove the truck from the bank of the highway.