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Smoky skies, orange moon -- here's why

NASA photo shows smoke plumes drifting over our region, from fires in the US.

For a larger version of the picture shown above, go to: 

This shows quite graphically why our sun and moon have been so orange these days, and why the smell of smoke has been so strong despite the lack of large fies nearby.  The large fires are south-west of us, and their smoke is brought to us thanks to the wind direction.

Our part of the world is  not alone in being afflicted with fires this year; Siberia is burning too, though we don't hear as much about that.  Here's another image from NASA, showing massive smoke plumes from flaming forest lands in Russia.

To see this on the NASA website, go to:

Let us not forget the deadly fires in Portugal.

Fires.  Floods.  Don't we live in interesting times?