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Toxco clean up nears completion

The following is a press release from Toxco, Ltd.

Clean up activities at the Toxco, Inc. site in Trail are almost completed says Kathy Bruce, vice president of Toxco Ltd. “More than 80% of the debris has been removed from the site and we continue to process the remaining battery debris from the fire.”

Toxco operations have remained unaffected by the incident and the facility continues to operate.

Toxco, Ltd is the only facility in North America that specializes in the recycling and management of primary and secondary lithium batteries.  These batteries are used in various applications from cell phone and laptop products to oil and gas exploration and hybrid electric vehicles.  Toxco receives these batteries from over 100 countries across the globe.  Toxco is widely recognized as a global leader in the field of lithium battery recycling. 

A fire occurred inside a lithium battery storage building at Toxco on November 7.  The fire occurred during non operation hours and no one was injured by the incident.  Toxco and Regional Kootenay Fire Officials concur that an internal short in one of the batteries in storage is the likely cause of the incident. 

As a result of the fire Toxco is conducting an incident and facility safety review and will develop an action plan to address enhanced safety design and operational procedure/policy changes.

Toxco is undertaking a review of fire protection provisions, and will provide an action plan for proposed enhancements to operational procedures, battery inventory management, and containment features that would minimize future risks. 

“Toxco will make every effort to prevent an incident like this from occurring in the future.  We will continue to be a part of the Trail and surrounding communities and sustain Canadian business into the 21st century” Says Kathy Bruce.   Further Bruce adds, “Lithium batteries are becoming the prevalent battery chemistry used in our society, end of life management of these batteries is critically important for sustaining our non renewable resources by recovering these materials through recycling”.

Toxco will continue to provide updates through its website.