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Windstorm leaves a trail of damage

City works manager Wayne Kopan inspects damage at the Evergreen Cemetery in Grand Forks; Photo, Mona Mattei

Storm warnings could not stop the devastation the wind brought to the Boundary region on Monday night and early Tuesday, Nov. 17. Wind gusts ranging from 50 to 70 kilometres per hour were seen in the last 24 hours around the area along with heavy rainfall. While the weather warning has now been lifted, the damage clean up is just beginning.

At Evergreen Cemetery in Grand Forks six trees were downed in the storm, and four more were damaged and must be removed. City works manager, Wayne Kopan, explained that once the root beds are cracked the city must remove the trees for the safety of the public. Headstones were not damaged by the fallen trees but the clean up will take some time. Kopan said that the priority will be to ensure the roads are cleared and then to remove the downed trees.

Greenwood and Midway were spared in the storm with no major damage. Greenwood lost power for a short time, but it was recovered quickly.

Weather predictions are for continued rainfall over the next few days leading to snow by the weekend. No further warnings have been issued at this time.