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by Kyra Hoggan on Monday Mar 26 2018

Some of the most common complaints I’ve heard from Castlegar residents include: There are no family doctors taking patients; we don’t have any big box stores like Costco, Walmart, etc; there are no jobs for my adult kids so they’re moving to a larger centre, downtown is unsightly and has too few businesses, and; there’s nothing to do here.

by Letters to the ... on Monday Mar 26 2018


Ootischenia and Fairview residents,

November 16,2017 two bylaws were passed by the RDCK. By-law #2533,2016 increases residents' taxes to expand the service area to include Ootischenia and Fairview to pay for the second by-law.

This second by-law, #2388, 2014 is for animal (dog) control services.

by Letters to the ... on Sunday Mar 25 2018

To The Editor:

by The Fraser Institute on Tuesday Mar 20 2018

Canada’s approach to health policy is much more restrictive than in other developed countries with more successful universal health-care systems, notably on the use of the private sector and patient cost-sharing, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

by David Suzuki on Tuesday Mar 20 2018

When the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency increased safety and environmental standards for cars in the 1970s, automakers responded. Although they had to adhere to the new rules, they didn’t base their entire response on safety or pollution concerns. Instead, they looked for loopholes.

by Canadian Centre... on Monday Mar 12 2018

The cries of concern from some are startling, but BC is only catching up to the rest of the country by eliminating the Medical Services Plan and replacing it with the new Employer Health Tax (EHT).

Here’s what you need to know about the tax:

by Dermod Travis on Friday Mar 09 2018

When times are tough, governments like to spin bad news budgets as a call for every segment of society to share in the pain.

Rarely, when times are good, do they set out a blueprint to share the gain, something the last government paid dearly for.

by Kyra Hoggan on Thursday Mar 08 2018

It's International Women's Day – a day I usually use to applaud the progress and accomplishments of my gender.

by David Suzuki on Thursday Mar 08 2018

Anishinaabe economist and writer Winona LaDuke identifies two types of economies, grounded in different ways of seeing. Speaking in Vancouver recently, she characterized one as an “extreme extractive economy” fed by exploitation of people and nature. The second is a “regenerative economy” based on an understanding of the land and our relationship to it.

by Charles Jeanes on Wednesday Mar 07 2018

(Part One ended with this paragraph: