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by Ann Godderis on Wednesday Dec 02 2015

Dear Editor,

In response to Deb McIntosh’s recent letter re: the Community Harvest Food  Bank’s struggles to assist families and individuals living in poverty, we suggest it is high time that our wealthy province makes  some meaningful policy changes so that the families of one in five children in BC don’t have to be dependent on charity to survive.

by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Nov 25 2015

There’s an insidious either/or mentality invading our political lexicon that I think is actually becoming an outstandingly effective camouflage for genuine evil, and it’s making me crazy to see how few people seem to realize how totally they are being manipulated by it.

by Letters to the ... on Sunday Nov 22 2015

A flurry of letters and Facebook posts demanding we stop the Syrian refugee immigration and take care of our homeless and vets before refugees got us thinking.

by Deb McIntosh on Wednesday Nov 18 2015

Dear Premier Clarke, Katrine Conroy MLA, Richard Cannings MP, Prime Minister Trudeau,

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Nov 18 2015

"Most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetimes, sometimes with devastating consequences." This statement is from a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine. 

by Charles Jeanes on Tuesday Nov 17 2015

Why a retrospective?

by Eileen Delehant... on Sunday Nov 15 2015

Eileen Delehanty Pearkes has been researching and writing about the history and politics of water in the upper Columbia Basin since 2005. 

by Contributor on Monday Nov 02 2015

I am Mark Wilson - School Trustee for the Trail area and after reading the Article on the Sale of Blueberry School dated October 30/15 in your paper, I would like to clarify a few items. These are my opinions backed by facts.

1.      The vote to sell this school for $1 was passed by the slimmest majority on October 27/15, not by a strong majority as mentioned by Trustee Ganzert.

by Cindy McCallum ... on Friday Oct 02 2015

Dear Editor,

by Contributor on Tuesday Sep 01 2015

Daily there are thousands of migrants fleeing to Europe from Syria and Iraq.  This year there have been over 300,000 refugees arriving on European shores.  People are fleeing the savage rule of ISIS in parts of Iraq and Syria and the ongoing civil war in Syria.