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by David Suzuki on Wednesday May 09 2018

Canada has taken a major step in cleaning up its oil and gas sector. We’re the first country to commit to methane emission regulations for the industry, marking an important shift toward climate protection.

by Letters to the ... on Monday May 07 2018

To The Editor:

I would like to respond to this proposal for recreational use of a large area of wilderness, south of the Purcell Wilderness Area. 

by Dermod Travis on Sunday May 06 2018

There was a time when it took a new government a few years to pick up the bad habits of its predecessor, the ones that were a factor in that party getting booted from power.

It seems today, the habits can set in a lot faster.

by The Fraser Institute on Thursday May 03 2018

By forcing Canadian workers to contribute more to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Ottawa and the provinces will inadvertently shrink the pool of money available for investments in Canada — potentially up to $114 billion by 2030, finds a new study released today by the Fraser Institute, an independent, non-partisan Canadian public policy think-tank.

by Dick Cannings MP on Tuesday May 01 2018

Julie Gelfand, the federal Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development, released a report entitled Perspectives on Climate Change Action in Canada at the end of March.

by Florio Vassilakakis on Tuesday May 01 2018

In a letter to the editor in the April 19 edition of the Castlegar News, Councillor Bruno Tassone explains his reasoning for voting against a council motion to support the upcoming Regional District Recreation Complex referendum. While I respect his right to support or oppose any motion, I do not accept his asserted reasoning.

by Letters to the ... on Monday Apr 30 2018

There are many opinions about the upcoming referendum and proposed upgrades/enhancements (known as Option B).  With investments of this size it is understandable to get emotionally involved. 

by Letters to the ... on Sunday Apr 29 2018

To The Editor:

Recently, the Fraser Institute released a study that stated Canada’s environmental performance was among the top 10 high-income countries in the world. A news release about the study was published on

by Dan Kraus on Sunday Apr 29 2018

We all have a role in nature conservation

Earth Week is a time to promote awareness and appreciation for our environment, sustainable living and earth awareness.

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Apr 25 2018

How much time do citizens need to be informed enough to vote on an issue? Discussions about electoral reform and different forms of proportional representation compared with our long-standing system called “first-past-the-post” have been going on in BC for years.