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by Harvey Oberfeld on Thursday Mar 24 2011

So what do we do now? We’re about to have an election almost no one wants; that likely won’t change the political balance of power; and, despite the rhetoric, probably won’t actually result in substantial policy changes.  And for this non-altering experience taxpayers will shell out $300 million!


I am not a dedicated partisan. Over my life, I have voted for all three major...

by Contributor on Wednesday Mar 16 2011

During the leadership race, Christy Clark committed to a smaller cabinet and to redefining and empowering the role of MLA. Appointing a smaller cabinet gave the appearance of follow through. The addition of 10 parliamentary secretaries means 56% of the Liberal caucus has appointments.


“Christy Clark is continuing the trend of using perks to retain party loyalty, to placate those...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday Mar 15 2011

British Columbia’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Perry Kendall today issued a statement reassuring British Columbians that there is no expected health risk from radiation at the Japanese nuclear power plant.

“Based on present information, we do not expect any health risk following the nuclear reactor releases in Japan, nor is the consumption of potassium iodide tablets a necessary...

by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 15 2011

The First Nation Summit today congratulated Premier Christy Clark on her appointment and swearing in of her cabinet, and welcomed the appointment of Mary Polak as the new Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation. 

Premier Clark’s recognition of the importance of strengthening relationships and creating shared economic opportunities for BC’s First Nations was welcome news for BC’...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Saturday Mar 12 2011

The BC Federation of Labour is calling on premier-designate Christy Clark to halt BC Hydro's introduction of new hydro meters and to put the billion dollar investment in this unproven new technology under review by the BC Utilities Commission.


"Putting the program on hold is a win-win for British Columbians," said BC Federation of Labour president Jim Sinclair...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Mar 09 2011

Who’s advising the NDP? Vladimir Putin?

It is amazing: just as more and more centre of the road uncommitted voters are thinking positively of the party as an alternative to the Liberals, the NDP moves to scare them away.

Comrade Big Brother wants to know your social network passwords.

Sure, right now, it’s only the passwords of those running for its leadership that party...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Mar 03 2011

The immediate penalties that impaired drivers face are the reason behind the early success of the Immediate Roadside Prohibition legislation, say the BC RCMP.
“From October 2010 to January 2011 we’ve seen about a 40 per cent drop province-wide in alcohol related traffic fatalities, compared to the five year historical average,” said Superintendent Norm Gaumont, head of Traffic...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Mar 02 2011

The RCMP and the Integrated Road Safety Units from across BC announced they have caught over 3,000 people using electronic devices while driving during February’s Distracted Driving Campaign. 

“Last year, distracted driving was a contributing factor in 104 collision fatalities in British Columbia," said RCMP superintendent Mike Diack, “E” Division Traffic Services.

by Post Media News on Sunday Feb 27 2011

By Paul Bucci

Liberal leadership contender Christy Clark will become British Columbia's next premier after winning the party's top political job. Clark thanked all of her supporters in a gleeful victory speech.

"We all have great reason to be proud," she said.

Clark used the speech to reach out directly to voters.

"I want you to be my partners in change in...

by Harvey Oberfeld on Sunday Feb 27 2011

There’s a really BIG difference between being an aspiring politician and being an elected one; and there’s a huge difference between being an aspiring premier and holding the office, especially when not elected to the post by the people. The people must therefore depend more than ever on the media to speak our concerns, raise our questions and canvass our issues.

And there is no...


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