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Review: Sunshine Lies but Matthew Sweet Keeps it on the Level

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How often have we seen great rock stars come to an untimely demise and wished we could have heard just a few more new songs from them? We’ve all discussed, blogged about, or just sat back in a natural hot spring staring into the stars, dancing to the tune of whatever Kootenay alchemic concoction was conducting your mental orchestra, and talked about the great 'what ifs' of rock music.

Movie Review: State of Play And the Death of the Newspaper

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Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck team up to offer star billing for what amounts to a marketing ploy for the struggling newspaper industry. Paper papers are in a state of crisis. A Pew Research Survey has confirmed that over the last year, readers who use the internet as their sole source of news has gone from 24% last year, to 40% this year, for the first time passing paper papers, who are at a mere 35%. It was time to say something.

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