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by Wikinews on Friday Aug 31 2012

Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, strongly backed the Syrian rebels Thursday in a speech at the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Iran. Morsi, a Sunni Muslim and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, is the first Egyptian leader in 30 years to visit Iran – an ally of Syrian Prime Minister Bashar al-Assad's Shi'ite dominated regime.

In a strongly worded speech, which caused Syrian foreign...

by Wikinews on Thursday Aug 23 2012

Numerous cities throughout Texas, United States have begun broadening their efforts to fight mosquito populations, in an effort to reduce transmission of the sometimes-lethal West Nile virus.

Officials in Dallas county have declared a public health emergency. Officials there have requested use of five planes, intended to spray most of North Dallas, as well as other sections of the city...

by Wikinews on Thursday Aug 16 2012

Fitness model Andre Barnett of Poughkeepsie, New York won the presidential nomination of the Reform Party of the United States at its national convention in Philadelphia last weekend. Consultant Kenneth Cross was selected as his running mate.

Barnett, who founded the company WiseDome, became a fitness model after suffering an injury in a 2000 helicopter incident while serving in the U.S...

by Wikinews on Sunday Aug 12 2012

Yesterday, in front of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia, presumptive Republican presidential nominee, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney selected Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate.

Paul Ryan prepares to deliver his acceptance speech after Mitt Romney's introduction.

After an introduction from Virginia governor Bob McDonnell, who himself had been...

by Nelson Daily Sports on Thursday Aug 09 2012


It's official.

Canada has won its first medal in a traditional team sport in the Summer Olympics since the 1936 games in Berlin.

Diana Matheson scored in extra time, blasting a rebound in the vacant goal to give Canada a 1-0 victory over France in the bronze medal match Thursday at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, England.

Out shot by a staggering 25-2 margin,...

by Wikinews on Thursday Aug 02 2012

By: Wikinews

In an opinion piece published by CNN on Tuesday, Georgetown University law student and women's rights advocate Sandra Fluke insisted she will not allow slurs from critics to silence her and other women from continuing to speak out on issues regarding women's health and contraception.

Fluke has faced slurs and personal attacks...

by Wikinews on Thursday Aug 02 2012

Over half of the contiguous U.S. is experiencing drought conditions, according to a report released July 9...

by Adrian Barnes on Wednesday Jul 25 2012

This interesting and innovative graphic, created by a group of American graduate students in the field of digital design and research, makes the case that video piracy doesn't seriously harm movie studio profits and that such piracy is largely the result of a dearth of legitimate digital options. Their argument...

by Robin Yassin-Kassab on Monday Jul 23 2012

One of my infantile leftist ex-friends recently referred to the Free Syrian Army as a ‘sectarian gang’. The phrase may well come from Asa’ad Abu Khalil, who seems to have a depressingly large audience, but it could come from any of a large number of blanket thinkers in the ranks of the Western left.

I admit that I sometimes indulged in such blanket thinking in the past. For instance, I...

by Contributor on Thursday Jul 19 2012


Through their long and wild career, The Rolling Stones have made their mark on our culture; from epic albums to famously bad behavior.

Over their 50 year history, journalists have collected a treasure trove of material, but none more prolific than music journalist Hanspeter Kuenzler. The eBook People ( have...


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