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by Murray Dobbin on Monday Jan 09 2017

As has been pointed out by too many people, 2016 was a devastating year for progressives (a homely term for all those who are want equality, democracy and ecological sanity). There is no need to repeat the list of atrocities, failures and...

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Jan 04 2017

<p>There, a nice picture of a cat. Now for some of the stuff we&#39;d rather ignore, even if that&#39;s not a very smart move.</p>

by Dermod Travis on Wednesday Jan 04 2017

Hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but 2017 is an election year in British Columbia.

On the presumption they're not the same thing, government and election ads should be over by the Stanley Cup semi-finals.

There are bits of unfinished business the B.C. government could attend to in the meantime, though.

Just as there are debt clocks to track the growth in public debt,...

by David Suzuki on Wednesday Jan 04 2017

The longer we delay addressing environmental problems, the more difficult it will be to resolve them. Although we’ve known about climate change and its potential impacts for a long time, and we’re seeing those impacts worsen daily, our political representatives are still approving and promoting fossil fuel infrastructure as if we had all the time in the world to slow global warming.

by Charles Jeanes on Friday Dec 30 2016
by Dermod Travis on Saturday Dec 24 2016

2016 is almost a wrap and – safe to say – one for the books.

In keeping with the spirit of the season, though, it's time for a few New Year's resolutions for B.C.'s political parties to consider in their on-going quest for self-improvement.

1.   Anticipate more, scramble less

A line from Carly Simon's Anticipation sums this one up: “We can never know about...

by Sara Golling on Wednesday Dec 21 2016

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada's national radio and television broadcaster -- loved by many, reviled by others.  Its exact date of origin may be open to interpretation; its predecessor, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission, was established as a state-owned company  in 1932, following a  1929 report  that raised concerns about  Canadian airwaves being taken over by...

by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Dec 21 2016

Monday night, Dec. 19, saw the final city council meeting of 2016 in Castlegar. As is customary, mayor Lawrence Chernoff announced the councillor's committee appointments for the coming year.

The appointments are relevant to residents insofar as they help members of the community determine where best to direct questions,...

by Dick Cannings MP on Monday Dec 19 2016

The House of Commons has risen for the Christmas break and I’m certainly happy to be home for the holidays.  This season will be especially eventful for my family as we are traveling to New Zealand for my son’s wedding—but we’ll also be taking part in the usual Christmas traditions that every family has.

My wife’s family—part Italian, part Swedish—has introduced me to the wonderful...

by Rossland Telegraph on Thursday Dec 08 2016

By Emma Gilchrist

Originally published by...


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