KBRH Food Services Supervisor Nicole Marbach checks food temperature

A recent scathing opinion piece by Murray Dobbin outlined the shortcomings of food in some health care facilities administered by the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority (VCHA).

Fall colds? This should help.

Dr. Brenda Gill.  Photo by Larry Doell

                Especially with the damp and cold weather this year, I’ll be expecting phone calls from parents with sick children (or themselves if they were dipping into the candy too much) about a week after Hallowe’en. I see many colds and flus due to the increased amount of sugar. As I stated in a past article, 1 tsp of sugar decreases immune function by 50% for 5-8 hrs. Just as an example, 1 Mars bar contains about 2-3 tsp of sugar.



It has long been well known that fine particulates and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) containing carcinogens, including benzene and other toxic chemicals, are released from wood burning stoves and that these are a proven serious health hazard. 

However, what is not widely known is the scale or magnitude of the impact of wood burning stoves on particulate levels in the atmosphere, especially in urban areas.

COLUMN: 'World Class' Oil Spill Response a Failure

Wind and waves make it impossible to "contain" oil spill near Bella Bella.

In July, a pipeline leak near Maidstone, Saskatchewan, spilled about 250,000 litres of diluted oil sands bitumen into the North Saskatchewan River, killing wildlife and compromising drinking water for nearby communities, including Prince Albert. It was one of 11 spills in the province over the previous year.

Artwork on sale at hospital to raise money/awareness

Artwork on sale at hospital to raise money/awareness

It has been a year since H.O.P.E. Creative Initiatives introduced itself to the Castlegar community, according to coordinator, Shauna Robertson.

“We are an art based non-profit social enterprise supported with the services of Castlegar Mental Health and Substance Use,” Robertson said.

Interior Health gets new board chair

Interior Health gets new board chair

Interior Health board member John O’Fee of Kamloops has been appointed incoming chair of the board of directors, to replace current board chair Erwin Malzer when he completes his tenure on Dec. 31, 2016.

Rossland Trail Roller Girls raise money for team-mate's son at Rossland Fall Fair game

Rossland Trail Roller Girls raise money for team-mate's son at Rossland Fall Fair game

It’s amazing what an active community can accomplish together, if a recent roller derby fundraiser is any indication.

The Rossland Trail Roller Girls (RTRG) rallied its sister teams – the Dam City Rollers and the Nelson Killjoys – last month to join them in a special exhibition game to raise funds for their teammate’s son who is battling cancer.  The team is overjoyed to report that over $1,700 was collected for Kirsten Stevenson’s son Dax during "Derby for Dax," held at the Rossland Fall  Fair on the Golden City Days weekend.

Food security = important for humans and other animals too

Fresh vegetables are too costly for many in Canada

As leaves change colour and drop from trees, and a chill in the air signals the approach of winter, many of us are thinking of the fall harvest and hearty soups and dishes that will soon warm our bellies.

Opinion: Putting patient food in the hands of corporations reveals the trouble with normal

An underwhelming hospital sandwich

It's amazing what we gradually accept as normal -- even admirable -- in how we treat each other in Canada. Practices that were once seen as a repugnant surrender to government indifference, like food banks, are now virtually celebrated as a high point of citizen engagement and promoted as such by our public broadcaster once a year. And other practices, like hospitals and seniors' care homes that once had their own kitchens and cooking staff, are seemingly a thing of the past, a "luxury" that we have no hope of ever getting back.

COLUMN: Fight Colds and Flu with Blue Elderberry

A cluster of blue elderberries.

With the start of frosty nights, I’m seeing the blue elderberries turn their purple-blue colour, so it’s time to start thinking about making your elderberry tincture. As long as they’re that wonderful dark purple-blue colour, it’s time to pick them and make one of the best flu busters there is.

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