OP/ED: Bruno, this byelection now hinges on you

OP/ED: Bruno, this byelection now hinges on you

You have so far declined to comment – but the fact remains, if what the candidate you support, Cherryl MacLeod said was true, you have been a complicit participant in violating the Community Charter and the Local Government Act since you were sworn into council on Dec. 1, 2014.

Almost two years.

So either she is corrupt in her attempt at office, or you are corrupt and breaking the law.

There is no mid-ground.

All of the 14 men and women, with hundreds of years of public service behind their belts, yourself included, are lying … or Macleod is.

Food security = important for humans and other animals too

Fresh vegetables are too costly for many in Canada

As leaves change colour and drop from trees, and a chill in the air signals the approach of winter, many of us are thinking of the fall harvest and hearty soups and dishes that will soon warm our bellies.

RSS, Wildsight and FORRS working together

RSS students learning things at Strawberry Pass on October 5, 2016.

It's common knowledge:  spending time in the outdoors is good for our health and our brains.  People learn best from experience, and we also learn best when we're young; hence the growing interest in outdoor education and experiential learning.  Early in October, a crew of young people from Rossland Summit School (RSS)  were out in the fresh air at Strawberry Pass, experiencing a bit of what that area has to offer. 

Time to rally support for the Nelson Hospice Day Program

Kim Bater, Kalein ED and Jane DiGiacomo encourage the public to vote on the Aviva website. — Submitted photo

There’s another golden opportunity on the horizon for the public to support a good cause as the Nelson & District Hospice Society and the Kalein Centre join together to compete for the Aviva Community Health Funding Grant.

The Health Grant is part of the Aviva Community Funding competition.

The NDHS and Kalein Centre are competing for the lower level of funding, under $50,000 to help the Day Hospice Program.

Opinion: Putting patient food in the hands of corporations reveals the trouble with normal

An underwhelming hospital sandwich

It's amazing what we gradually accept as normal -- even admirable -- in how we treat each other in Canada. Practices that were once seen as a repugnant surrender to government indifference, like food banks, are now virtually celebrated as a high point of citizen engagement and promoted as such by our public broadcaster once a year. And other practices, like hospitals and seniors' care homes that once had their own kitchens and cooking staff, are seemingly a thing of the past, a "luxury" that we have no hope of ever getting back.

COLUMN: Fight Colds and Flu with Blue Elderberry

A cluster of blue elderberries.

With the start of frosty nights, I’m seeing the blue elderberries turn their purple-blue colour, so it’s time to start thinking about making your elderberry tincture. As long as they’re that wonderful dark purple-blue colour, it’s time to pick them and make one of the best flu busters there is.

OP/ED: CUPE BC condemns Province's firing of Vancouver school board

OP/ED: CUPE BC condemns Province's firing of Vancouver school board

Today's news that Premier Christy Clark has fired the democratically elected Vancouver School Board shows that her education agenda is more about closing schools than providing quality public education, CUPE BC President Paul Faoro said today.

Waste Reduction Week promotes ways to reduce waste

Waste Reduction should be practiced every week of the year.

BC has proclaimed October 17-23 as Waste Reduction Week, aimed at promoting awareness about the amount of waste being sent to local landfills.

Everyone has a role to play in helping to reduce waste by recycling, reusing and composting.

“RCBC provides information resources to communities through the recycling hotline, our online ‘Recyclepedia’, and free phone app," said Brock Macdonald, chief executive officer, Recycling Council of British Columbia.

TSB said no Cockpit Voice Recorder on plane that crashed in Lake Country

Overview of Cessna Citation wreckage showing landing gear. Photo courtesy (TSB)

The Transportation Safety Board said it will take the time needed to complete a thorough investigation of the fatal plane crash near Lake Country that killed four people Thursday.

The twin-engine Cessna Citation disappeared from radar at 9:40 p.m. PT on Thursday, only 11 kilometres north of Kelowna Airport  after takeoff from Kelowna Airport.

The plane crashed shortly after takeoff, approximately four kilometres into a heavily wooded area north of Beaver Lake Road, east of Lake Country.

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