Unsuccessful attempt to break world record still a staggering win ... literally

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
July 8th, 2011

 A local man’s attempt to unofficially break the world record for marathon guitar playing may have been foiled by a sinus infection and bronchitis.

Castlegar’s own Yanive Fenier, owner of Supercat Studios, didn’t reach his target of 100 hours, having to pack it in after 57 hours and 20 minutes. But he said that, record or no, the effort was still a win.  “We raised $517.51 for the Nelson Animal Hospital,” he said, describing how kind and generous hospital staff were when they saved Fenier’s dog earlier this year.  “I think I could have gone longer, if I had been healthy,” he said of the marathon, adding he was surprised at how the exhaustion didn’t slowly build, but rather came in alternating waves of euphoria and misery. “It was surreal. I think I was only a couple of hours away from hallucinations.”  Fenier slept for 11 hours before giving The Source this interview, but said, “I’m still not thinking straight. I’m going to grab something to eat and go back to bed.”  Another surprise for Fenier was that his music remained consistent and his fingers never hurt, even after all that strumming.  “My back hurt and my legs hurt, but I had no trouble playing,” he said.  The biggest surprise for him, though, ended up being how many people offered him tremendous support throughout his efforts, not just at his studio, but staying up into the wee hours with him through his video blog of the event … one friend even drove all the way from Cranbrook to pitch in.  “I’m so totally grateful for everything everyone did – make sure you write that,” he said.  In the end, while Fenier’s attempt was not successful, it was a success, just the same. His most recent Facebook post also promises he’ll take another shot at the title: ” I may have been the one holding the guitar, but you are the ones that kept me going, gave your time, support and money. You are the ones that told the world on your radio shows and newspapers. Together we kicked ass. Second, we are going to do it again, with Patrick by my side.” 


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