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April 2019
By Timothy Schafer on Tuesday Apr 30 2019

With a growing deficit and a costly ammonia leak that closed the facility last winter facing them the curling club has informed city it needs a cash infusion in order to stay in existence.

By Contributor on Tuesday Apr 30 2019

The Timberwolves junior lacrosse team kicked off the 2019 season with a pair of wins against the Outlaws in Cranbrook this weekend.

By Rossland Telegraph on Tuesday Apr 30 2019

Some ask, “What’s so bad about those so-called invasive species?  Some of them are so pretty!”

Yes, they’re pretty. One example is Himalayan Balsam, also known as “Policeman’s Helmet.” It has beautiful flowers.  And it grows SO easily!

By Contributor on Tuesday Apr 30 2019

The B.C. government has released its updated action plan in response to the government-commissioned, independent Abbott/Chapman report on the unprecedented 2017 wildfire and flood seasons in British Columbia.

By Nelson Daily Staff on Monday Apr 29 2019

Talk of “Oh, no, only the Balfour Ferry is running today,” by Kootenay Lake Ferry users or traffic delays at the Balfour or Kootenay Bay terminals due to seasonal avalanche control on the Kootenay Pass may soon be a thing of the past following significant announcement Monday by the BC and Federal Governments.

By Sara Golling on Monday Apr 29 2019

I’ve been amused, in past years, by signs posted here and there in Rossland that announce “WARNING:  BEAR IN AREA.”   I’ve suggested that the City should just post warning signs at the entrances to Rossland, announcing, “Rossland is bear country.  Please do not freak out if you see a bear.  Do not approach the bear. Remain calm and respectful and keep your distance.” 

By City of Castlegar on Monday Apr 29 2019

The City of Castlegar and and CUPE Local 2262 are pleased to announce that a new four-and-a-half-year collective agreement has been reached.

By Sara Golling on Monday Apr 29 2019

Environmentalists have come under fire lately from certain quarters.  Questioning the motivation of environmentalists raises the question:  What are they fighting for?   

And the short answer is:  survival

By Castlegar Source on Monday Apr 29 2019

For many High School Grads, it’s that time of year to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of another and sometimes that celebrating may involve alcohol and drugs.

By Kyra Hoggan on Monday Apr 29 2019

A Facebook trend claiming two women and a man are travelling around the province stealing people’s dogs and horses is, it seems, little more than FB-driven mass hysteria, despite the fact it took local social media by storm this past weekend.