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October 2019
By Trail Champion on Wednesday Oct 23 2019
Trail police have been innunddated with phone fraud complaints this week, according to RCMP Sgt. Mike Wicentowich.
"The Trail and Greater District Detachment RCMP has received 20-30 calls this week about the most recent telephone fraud to hit the area," he said in a press release Wednesday.
By Letters to the editor on Wednesday Oct 23 2019

To The Editor:

A hearty congratulations to the City of Nelson for undertaking the removal of Japanese knotweed and the Kootenay Invasive Species Society in supporting their efforts.

By Boundary Sentinel on Tuesday Oct 22 2019

Dick Cannings is heading back to Ottawa for a second term as MP for South Okanagan-West Kootenay.

Cannings narrowly edged Helena Konanz of the Conservative Party by less than 800 votes to retain the seat he won four years ago.

By Timothy Schafer on Tuesday Oct 22 2019

The Liberal red tide that swept the nation four years ago slowed to a trickle on election day in 2019 but it was enough for the Grits to step back into the shoes of government, albeit in a minority role.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took the Liberals to a repeat as the government of Canada with 156 seats, 14 seats short of a majority government (out of 338 seats overall).

By Contributor on Monday Oct 21 2019

More than 1.1 million elementary and secondary school students participated in Student Vote Canada 2019, coinciding with the 2019 federal election the organization said Monday in a media release.

By DriveSmartBC on Monday Oct 21 2019

One of the most common complaints I hear that is not about a moving violation concerns the use or misuse of lights on vehicles. Here is one of them: "What is really starting to annoy myself and many others is people driving with their fog lights on during clear nights or even during the day. Is this not an infraction? These lamps are often unreasonably bright."

By Contributor on Monday Oct 21 2019

Ed. Note: This information was provided by the Columbia basin Rural Developmnet Institute.

It is time again to exercise your right to vote! The Federal Election is today - Monday, October 21, 2019.

By Contributor on Monday Oct 21 2019

Four Kootenay zone teams traveled to a season-ending Kamloops 7s tournament during the Thanksgiving weekend — one of the largest junior tournaments in North America with teams from all over BC and Alberta.

By Deb McIntosh on Monday Oct 21 2019

Ed. Note: This letter is in reference to an act of vandalism that destroyed a local mural, for more coverage, see

I wonder what the impact is on people who are targeted by vandalism.

As with most gross acts of vandalism we, as a community, speak out, especially on social media (me being one of them).

By CBT on Monday Oct 21 2019

Many families in the Columbia Basin rely upon child care. To help meet this need for quality spaces, 67 child care providers in 24 communities will be creating up to 198 new spaces and improving 1,256 spaces.