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by Sarah Lord on Thursday May 05 2022

Correction: May 11, 2022. The Nelson Daily recently received new information regarding this story and apologizes for the inconsistencies in the original piece — published May 5, 2022. The Nelson Daily has corrected and updated the organization behind the funding, how the funding will be deployed, and the space devoted.

by Lone Sheep Publishing on Thursday May 05 2022

The Southeast Fire Centre said in its monthly weather synopsis that a cool northwesterly flow that is typical of a La Nina pattern helped sets new record for the coolest mean monthly temperature in April.

(The Southeast Fire Centre said mean monthly temperature is the average of all the daily maximum and minimum values.)

by Timothy Schafer Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on Wednesday May 04 2022

The planning cup runneth over when it comes to climate change action in the regional district, at least according to some of its directors.

by The Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday May 03 2022

As the earth makes another rotation around the sun and humanity faces more environmental and humanitarian crises than ever before, so increases the need for the impassioned work of activists around the globe. Humanity faces many global challenges, such as climate change, war, famine, plastic pollution in our oceans and more.

by Contributor on Tuesday May 03 2022

After a four-week long shutdown to repair and restore mill equipment, Vaagen Fibre Canada’s Midway Mill is back in operation.

The shutdown started April 4, and was a way to conduct a thorough check-up on the health of all the machinery and ensure a smooth-running operation for the remainder of the year, said Plant Manager Darryl Reekie.

by Timothy Schafer Local Journalism Initiative Reporter on Monday May 02 2022

The outdoor elements have won in the poll to see what people prefer for the re-imagination of Campbell Field in the regional district at South Slocan.

by Bob Hall on Sunday May 01 2022

Only a few years since he walked the hallways of the Castlegar Campus and still on an educational journey towards his ultimate goal, Selkirk College alumnus Darren Paterson is giving back to the community that holds a special place in his heart.

by Contributor on Sunday May 01 2022

Sunday morning, women from the Nelson & District Women’s Centre gathered to display a banner in front of the Provincial Courthouse calling for a guaranteed livable income (GLI).

“Poverty remains a significant issue for women,” said Terri-Lynn Wilkinson, Executive Director of the Women’s Centre in a media release.