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Regional News

by Murray Dobbin on Monday Sep 27 2010

So Carole James thinks meeting with business is going to help her look like a leader. Good luck with that. No one will take this sad effort seriously – not her supporters, who want her to represent them which means against the reactionary interests of business.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Wednesday Sep 22 2010

Trust. It’s a small word, but it represents a very big concept: perhaps one of the most powerful positive characteristics we allow in our personal or business relationships.

by Contributor on Wednesday Sep 22 2010

The Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited and A.M. Ford will be partnering to help raise money in support of the Beaver Valley Nitehawks as part of Ford’s Drive One 4 UR Team program. Greater Trail community members will have the opportunity to participate and help raise up to $6,000 for the sports team by test driving a Ford vehicle. A.M.

by Contributor on Wednesday Sep 22 2010

MP Alex Atamanenko has taken up the cause of various professional police associations across the country in their efforts to obtain an effective labour relations system for the RCMP, based on the principle of collective bargaining.

by Murray Dobbin on Wednesday Sep 22 2010

Last spring I wrote a column called “Is this what a police state looks like” in response to the dangerous police actions surrounding the G20 Summit in Toronto.  I argued–as many have–that police states don’t pop up full blown over night.

by Contributor on Tuesday Sep 21 2010

Leo Gerard, the international president of the United Steelworkers is coming to the Kootenays on October 2. He will be speaking at a fundraising dinner for the Kootenay West NDP at the Labour Centre in Trail.

“It’s a great honour for us to get such a distinguished labour leader to speak at our dinner in Trail,” said Katrine Conroy, the NDP MLA for Kootenay West.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday Sep 20 2010

NDP leader Carole James was so quiet for so long, many of her own supporters wondered where she was all summer.  With the HST and the Liberals imploding, it would have been a great time for the wanna-be Premier to show her stuff, to take the lead, to convince British Columbians she’s no wasteful socialist extremist.


Then she spoke.

by Mona Mattei on Thursday Sep 16 2010

Feasibility planning is underway for a sawmill overhaul and the installment of a co-generation plant, an investment of $100 million, at International Forest Products Ltd. (Interfor) in Grand Forks. The announcement was made last week to their employees and has been confirmed through Ric Slaco, vice-president and chief forester for Interfor.