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Regional News

by Nelson Daily Editor on Monday May 16 2011

By Michael Jessen

When you’re addicted to something, you’ll do anything to satisfy your need – and so will your drug supplier.

by Nelson Daily Staff on Saturday May 14 2011

The financial piper will be paid by Trail’s Teck Metals Inc. for two chemical spills into local waterways the company was found at fault for in 2010.

Teck will pay $325,000 for depositing mercury into the Columbia River, and allowing a leachate to overflow into Stoney Creek.

by Nelson Daily Editor on Friday May 13 2011

By Malin Christensson

Where do you get local seeds or manure for your garden? Is there someone raising chicks for sale in the Slocan Valley? Who could you ask about how to keep honeybees?

by Nelson Daily Editor on Wednesday May 11 2011

Gasoline prices in parts of the West Kootenay continued their upward march Wednesday, rising 2.5 cents per litre, similar to what was happening across the province and the country.

The increase followed a 6.5-cents-per-litre jump the day before in some areas.

by Nelson Daily Staff on Friday May 06 2011

Money is always a concern for West Kootenay businesses.

A new survey is expected to examine whether enterprises and organizations in the West Kootenay are able to borrow or access the money they need to operate and grow their businesses and services.

by Nelson Daily Staff on Tuesday May 03 2011

The Endless Adventure Gear Swap is back this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday the outdoor water adventure “Swap Meet” presents an opportunity for people to sell old water sport equipment and pick up new stuff for the 2011 season. 

by Teralee Trommeshauser on Tuesday May 03 2011

Sometimes the biggest culprits for adding unwanted calories to our diet when we're trying to lose weight are the drinks we're consuming! Not being very substantial, and often "refreshing", many high calorie drinks sneak past our health radar, undetected. And before you know it, you just can't seem to drop that last 5, or 10 lbs. Well I'm onto you saboteurs, and I'm here to spread the word.

by Nelson Daily Staff on Saturday Apr 30 2011

B.C.'s minimum wage has moved up for the first time in 10 years.

As of Sunday, the province's base-line wage lifted from last place in Canada with the first of three 75-cents-perhour increases over the next year.