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Regional News

by Contributor on Wednesday Jun 27 2012

Partners in the Waneta Expansion Project - Fortis Inc., Columbia Power Corporation and Columbia Basin Trust – and the Community Impact Management Committee invite you to visit the project’s viewing area this summer.

by Contributor on Tuesday Jun 26 2012

There's a sign on the side of the building at Taiyuan Normal University (TNU) in Taiyuan, China, that reads — Sino-Canadian Selkirk College of Taiyuan Normal University.

The reason for the sign comes from a unique collaboration between TNU and Castlegar's Selkirk College which offers a three-year English diploma program.

by Erin Perkins on Monday Jun 25 2012

Gusting winds and driving rains knocked down trees, branches and electricity to homes all over the east Boundary region over the weekend.

The storm hit suddenly and violently on the evening of Friday, June 22 leaving more than 600 Fortis BC customers without power for between four and 24 hours, depending on the severity of the electrical line damage.

by Mona Mattei on Monday Jun 25 2012

In early April of this year one of the most brilliant marketing campaigns ever designed was launched. With a splash of media exposure, a small group of eight people started a conversation that has not stopped nearly three months later. As the chatter moves contagiously through more and more people, the volume has been amplified a hundred-fold. The topic?

by Keith Simmonds on Monday Jun 25 2012

My brother Kenneth--aged 22--drowned in the Thompson River in 1988. I cannot begin to tell you how that changed me. Nothing like it did my parents, or my sister, or our youngest brother, 21 years old at the time. They were close. Kenneth and I were just beginning to know each other as adults.

by Contributor on Monday Jun 25 2012

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is partnering with BC Ideas to provide five $10,000 cash awards to reward innovative solutions addressing issues which will improve the lives of residents in the Columbia Basin region.

by Contributor on Sunday Jun 24 2012


Food and Water Safety after Flooding

by Chris Stevenson on Sunday Jun 24 2012

Local governments and the public have until the end of this month to come up with a plan to preserve Marshall Lake.

That’s all the time the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations (MFLNRO) will allow for a decision to be made on whether or not the city, regional district or the public are willing and able to take over responsibility for the dam.