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Regional News

by Mona Mattei on Thursday May 13 2010

An unexpected turn of events took the wind out of the sails of the many people prepared to continue the fight for the survival of their small school. At School District 51’s meeting of the Board of Trustees last Tuesday, May 11, trustees unanimously voted to stop the Beaverdell school closure consultation process, but voted to continue consulting with the community to create the future.

by Alex Atamanenko on Tuesday May 11 2010

My colleague, Nathan Cullen MP – Skeena-Bulkley Valley recently issued the following Op-ed which I would like to share with you.

Days after the Deepwater Horizon offshore oilrig blew up off the coast of Lousiana killing 11 workers, British Petroleum assured the public that they would contain the leak quickly. They were wrong.

by Contributor on Monday May 10 2010

Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) marks two milestones this year; a 15 year anniversary combined with a $15 million Delivery of Benefits budget. 

by Mona Mattei on Sunday May 09 2010

The month of May brings forth memories of war for those of Dutch descent. Memories of invasion and freedom. My mother was only five-years-old when the German soldiers took control of her homeland, Holland, on May 10,1940. Five years later, on May 5, 1945, the country was officially liberated by Canadians.

by Mona Mattei on Thursday May 06 2010

A couple of years ago a friend and I were talking business and she said to me, “I’m American and I run my business the American way, not Canadian.” She was referring to the kill or be killed business culture of the United States. It’s hard to imagine that just by crossing the 49th parallel that the entrepreneurial spirit takes a different form.

by Mona Mattei on Thursday May 06 2010

With the momentum gained by community donations, partners have come forward to make the Christina Lake North Bay Buoy Project to protect sensitive wetlands in the north part of the lake possible. The project, a partnership between the Christina Lake Stewardship Society (CLSS), the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary (RDKB), and B.C.

by Harvey Oberfeld on Monday May 03 2010

Another Monday, and more than a million British Columbians head off to work: to earn a living,  pursue careers, provide services for clients, satisfy their own desire to contribute to society and share the stories and challenges of their lives with their closest co-workers. Lisa Reimer, however, is forced to stay home.

by Boundary Sentinel on Sunday May 02 2010

Hailed as well on his way to becoming a Canadian institution following in the footsteps of Ian Tyson and Stompin’ Tom Connors, cowboy singer and songwriter Tim Hus is bringing his storytelling style music to Grand Forks on Saturday, May 15.