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Tickets for The Gathering going fast, can be purchased online

Angus Buchan, whose life is depicted award winning film, Faith Like Potatoes, is coming to Nelson to share his travels in The Gathering, June 29 to July 1 at the Prestige Inn Convention Centre.

Buchan left war-torn Zimbabwe in 1977, piling his family and everything they had into a truck and moving to small farm in South Africa.

Years later, through hard work but mostly from the help of God, he is a successful farmer.

He coming to Nelson to tell is inspirational story on the coaxing of Pastor and social worker Jeff Zak.

Tickets for the The Gathering are available at or call 1-800-965-9324.

A full weekend package, taxes included, is $32 for four meetings.

Single tickets, for one meeting, is $18.

Seating is limited.

For more information see