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Blood pool a concern to cops

 A resident complaint had Castlegar RCMP fearing the worst  Wednesday, when a 9-1-1 call indicated a motor home was surrounded by a huge pool of blood.

Police attended the scene, which was in front of a motor home parked in the Complex parking lot, where they did, indeed, find a huge quantity of blood, according to RCMP Sgt. Laurel Mathew.
The good news, she added, was that they also found animal fur.
“Apparently, he (the owner of the motor home) is a hunter,” Mathew said. “It looks like he took his kill here, and decided to bleed it right in front of his motor home.”
While police were relieved to find no evidence of foul play or injury to anyone, Mathew said bleeding a kill in a public parking lot is not an ideal way of ending a hunting trip.
“For starters, it's just unsanitary,” she said. “And it can be very upsetting to people, whether they understand the hunting context or not.”
Police have not yet discussed the situation with the motor home owner, whom they believe is out hunting, but Mathew said a conversation between this man and local authorities is very much in the cards in the near future.
“We try to discourage this sort of situation,” she said.