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Conservation Office Service unique calls from 2021

A resident called the RAPP line looking for compensation after a bear repeatedly damaged a shed with garbage stored inside.

The role of a Conservation Officer is diverse – and so is the variety of calls received during 2021.

The #RAPP (Report and Poachers and Polluters) line averages more than 30,000 calls each year, with more than a few leaving dispatchers wondering or scratching their heads.

Here are the top 10 of the most unique calls made to the #BCCOS in 2021.

Deer with a Lopsided Ear

Caller states she saw a deer with a lopsided ear walking across the street.

Cougar with a Pink Collar

Caller isn’t sure, but there may have been a cougar in her backyard two days ago drinking water from her pond. She mentioned it had a pink collar at the end of the call.

Cat Fight

Caller advises that her two indoor cats were screaming and freaking out last night. The caller woke up to something jumping against the bedroom window. The caller thinks it was a large cat.

Rustling in the Bushes

Caller advises that he was walking home and heard rustling in the bushes. He is not sure what it was but says it was not a cat, dog, raccoon or snake.

Spooky Siesta

Caller reports seeing a light brown and white animal in his backyard sleeping. The caller is very concerned why this animal chose his backyard to rest in (no address or further animal description was given).

Bear Compensation?

Caller is frustrated that a bear repeatedly keeps damaging her shed to get to the garbage stored inside. She is wondering how she can get compensated for the damage.

Smoky Situation

Roommate was burning charcoal and cardboard in a portable barbecue directly under the caller's open bedroom window, which filled with smoke. The caller has health issues and roommate knows this. Caller would like someone to tell his roommate not to burn so close to the house.

Bird Feeders

Caller reports a black bear that came to his property and got into a bird feeder in his yard, even knocking over a fence and post to access it. The caller stated he then moved the bird feeder onto the porch.

Otter Orthodontics

Caller states an otter is sitting on a log and appears to be irritated with its mouth.

Porcupine Nests

Caller advises he has two nests on his property from an unknown species. He thinks they could be porcupines but not entirely sure.