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First storm of Fall packs a punch

A tree toppled into a pickup truck at the corner of Stanley and Latimer Street Tuesday afternoon. Bottom pics — Debris from a fallen limb on Baker Street; Carbonate Street; Nelson Fire Rescue was called out to tape off Victoria and Hall Street due to limbs on power line; Third Street was closed due to a tree falling across the street; and in between two storms, sunshine. — The Nelson Daily photos

The first major storm of the Fall season hit the Heritage City Tuesday afternoon with a punch as wind gusts sent residents into the dark as fallen trees knocked out power to most of Nelson Hydro customers.

The storm arrived at approximately 2 p.m. with wind gusts sending trees to the ground and filling streets with debris.

At the corner of Stanley and Latimer in Uphill the wind snapped off the top of a tree, landing the debris in the back of a pickup truck and on the sidewalk.

Other trees were reported knocked down on Trevor, Carbonate, in Uphill, and Third Street in Fairview as trees that pushed against the power lines on West Houston in Rosemont.

The power was knocked out throughout the city, sending most workers home early.

The storm passed, allowing the sun to shine over the Heritage City for a brief period before round two arrived shortly after 4 p.m.

With the storm once pounding the city with high winds, more debris was tossed into the streets including a tree that snapped off near the base on 600 Baker Street in front of the Mountain Hound Inn.

Power was again knocked out. Nelson Hydro and City Public Works crews worked vigorously to clean up the mess with power restored shortly before 5 p.m.

Nelson was not the only region of the province to experience the storm as winds and rain hammered the Lower Mainland, knocking the power out for about 16,500 BC Hydro customers.

In the Okanagan, heavy winds to wreaked havoc on power lines across the valley.

Environment Canada is calling for showers through most of the week with wins from the southwest gusting between 50 km/h to 90 km/h.