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IH debunks rumoured closure of critical care units in Trail

Interior Health is being anything but vague in dispelling a rumour that Trail's critical care units are slated for closure.

The rumour, disseminated at least in part by email, indicated that the new heliport at Trail's hospital will allow IH to transport critical care patients to larger centres, thus closing the critical care units now operating at the Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital.
Nothing could be farther from the truth, according to IH spokeswoman Ingrid Hampff.
“I am not sure where (this is) originating from,” said Hampff, “but I want to reassure everyone that there is no truth to the rumour.
“The addition of the heliport does not detract from the services offered at the site, but instead supports the ability of the site to receive patients from other facilities who require critical care services. The physicians and staff at (hospital) take pride in the critical care services that they provide to meet the needs of patients in the Kootenay Boundary area, and are active participants in continuing to improve the quality of those services.
“Again, the rumors regarding closure of critical care at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital are totally unfounded,” she said.

Communications representative Karl Hardt also pointed out that the heliport does not have the capacity for nighttime flights, and thus could hardly be used as a substitute for 24-hour services currently offered at KBRH.