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Kootenay Livestock Association announces new grassland and rangeland enhancement fund

Projects that enhance grasslands and rangelands will soon be able to apply for funding support from a new Grassland and Rangeland Enhancement Fund. Supported by Columbia Basin Trust (CBT), the pilot program will be delivered by the Kootenay Livestock Association (KLA).


CBT’s contribution of $150,000 is the first year of a potential three-year commitment, pending an evaluation at the end of the first year.

“The Kootenay Livestock Association is excited to partner with CBT on this initiative,” said, Jordy Thibeault, President of Kootenay Livestock Association. “Improved grasslands and rangelands support biodiversity and a healthier wildlife and cattle population. We want to promote stewardship for a healthier environment for all to enjoy and we are looking forward to delivering this important initiative.”

“Improving the environmental conditions and addressing grassland and rangeland issues in the Columbia Basin is important to all residents of the Basin,” said Neil Muth, CBT President and CEO. “These lands have multiple values and multiple users. This initiative supports sustainable management of the lands which will contribute to the overall health of the Basin’s grass and rangelands.”

This initiative looks to achieve several objectives, including promoting the stewardship of the grassland resource, striving to maintain and enhance biodiversity and long-term fish and wildlife productivity on public grassland ecosystems, as well as improving compatibility between livestock management and recreation use.

"I proudly support the ranchers in the East Kootenay and I heartily commend CBT for investing in this important industry. Congratulations to both organizations for a positive initiative,” said Bill Bennett, MLA Kootenay East.

For more information about when funding applications and guidelines will be available, contact Wendy Larson, Secretary for the Kootenay Livestock Association at 1.250.426.4315.

The KLA was established in 1971 with the mandate to support and enhance ranching in the East Kootenay.

This article is a press release from the Columbia Basin Trust.