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Letter: All Talk, No Action

To The Editor:

This new city council certainly has its climate emergency agenda proponents.

A day doesn't go by without another scary article announcing world ending global warming unless we do something immediately. Cities are signing on to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

What is Nelson doing?

Natural gas heating is one of our biggest uses of non-renewable energy.

The city owned natural gas distribution system, presently leased to Fortis Energy (formerly Terasen Gas), expires in 2038, while another lease expires next October. The city receives income based on revenues. Next October, the option, to renegotiate another 18 years . . . that, would take us to 2038.

Fifty percent of BC uses natural gas, based on population one could presume 2.5M on gas.

With 120 months to go to 2030, (100% renewables) that would require 20,000 transitions per month from natural gas to the alternative, electricity.

Councillor Jesse Woodward just posted a social media scare item regarding 11,000 scientists say we are doomed if we don't do something now. Councillor Rik Logtenberg in his election platform was saying we have 10 years left to begin change or it will be too late.

What is the plan for Nelson councillors? How many are on natural gas here? When will change begin?

At midnight 1999 I was sitting at the provincial emergency systems communications console waiting for the sky to fall in . . .. One second after midnight, 2000, pandemonium was predicted. There were thousands of computer experts stating computers would fail because computer clocks could not make the change over to the next century.

Nothing happened.

Science says climate change is normal nothing we can do will change this and we are not responsible.

Norm Yanke, Nelson BC