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LETTER: Monsanto not welcome in Canada

Dear editor,

Have you heard of the multinational chemical corporation Monsanto?  Did you know it is currently threatening to destroy the Canadian agricultural economy? This is the company that brought you Agent Orange, Genetically Modified Organisms, carcinogenic herbicides, PCBs and DDTs.

Monsanto has a history of developing poisons, acids, plastics, biological warfare agents, bovine growth hormones and proudly participated in the Manhattan project - the creation of nuclear weapons!

Monsanto's disgraceful legal "bullying" of family farmers, aggressive political lobbying tactics, repeated public lies and ongoing contamination of the environment has "caused them to be considered the least ethical and most environmentally unconscious corporation in the world."

This company employs about 300 people in Canada and is based in Winnipeg.  With a slick website and millions of dollars to spend wiping out "organic" crops around the world, Monsanto will eventually own the world's food source! Am I kidding?  A single corporation owning all food? Canadian farmers are being financially destroyed by an American company?

If you don't already know, Monsanto is the company that created "Roundup", the highly commercialized and toxic herbicide that causes liver damage, significant decrease in production of the male sexual hormones and a significant increase in miscarriages.

We should all be aware that Bill C-474 currently sits before the House of Commons Agriculture hearings.  This bill is designed to protect our farmers against Monsanto and could finally stop its profit motivated destruction of our natural and toxic free landscape.

Please Canada, lets protect our food, our health and our Canadian farmers!  Research Monsanto - look it up on Wikipedia! Research Bill C-474 and understand that Monsanto creates products so dangerous they are banned in many countries throughout Europe.

Monsanto - you are not welcome in Canada! Take your poisons elsewhere.

Jeff Leggat
Maple Bay, B.C.