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Lots of us are happy to vote ... for no election

Since Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals have promised to bring down the government at the first opportunity available, it is possible that we will be seeing an election as early as this Friday, but if you’re like me, then you are probably tormented from election exhaustion and would rather they figured out a way to work together and let us get on with our lives.

Yet even with a new Ipsos Reid poll finding that 71 per cent of respondents “believe there is no need for an election”, politicians (specifically, Ignatieff) hungry for power act as if they actually have a chance at a majority government.

They don’t.

Most voters are not about to change their minds after 12 months because some politician has found a minor point on which they believe they can fight and win an election.

According to recent polls, the NDP and the Green Party have actually lost support, and with any luck, I will never have to experience my country with an NDP majority government. We know the Bloc will not lead the country, since Mr. Duceppe can not see outside his Quebecois blinders.

But it seems that many card-carrying Liberals believe that, with Ignatieff at the helm, they will miraculously spark a drastic political change in the Liberals' favour.

I, however, believe that they are seriously over-estimating his appeal to the Canadian voter. As an election draws near, I think that the public will question just how much investment he really has in Canada. After all he has spent 30 years outside Canadian borders and has stated that, if we do not elect him Prime Minister, he'll return to the U.S. This is not surprising, coming from a man who said he considers our flag, “a passing imitation of a beer label”.

And If the Liberals don’t win this election, what then?

Another election a few months down the road?

At about $300-million-a-pop for an election, Canadians are not going to be impressed; in fact, 54 per cent of Canadians say they will blame Ignatieff and the Liberals if there is a fall election.

What we will probably end up with is another standoff with Harper at the controls, but there is an upside, if Ignatieff is a man of his word and doesn’t get elected Prime Minister, he’s going to leave Canada.

So I guess in a way, we’ll all win.