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Male suspect on police radar following stolen pre-paid credit card purchases

The stolen item estimates exceed $10,000 in total value.

Nelson Police are warning the public and the business community to be aware of several recent high value frauds after a a male suspect made several purchases with stolen pre-paid credit cards at several locations last week.

Nelson Police said in a media release estimates exceed $10,000 in total value.

"Nelson Police investigators have been able to determine the identity of the male who was responsible for the purchases and are continuing the investigation in to this matter to determine the scope of the loss to local merchants and if criminal charges will be recommended," the media release said.

Nelson Police are reminding business owners to maintain the level of vigilance they normally do during high value purchases.

"In the event that there is doubt when dealing with suspicious transactions Nelson Police are always available as a resource to contact for information on criminal fraud," the release said.