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Letters to the Editor

by Contributor on 16 November 2014 - 6:16pm

I would like to thank everyone that voted on Nov. 15,  I really appreciate your strong support for change.  

 I am very excited to be the new Area J Director for the next four years.  I will be working extremely hard for all the residents of our community.

I wil be working with all levels of government with Area J's best interests at heart.

I would like...

by Contributor on 9 November 2014 - 4:14pm

Nov 6, 2014


The men and women who work for the city of Castlegar and are members of CUPE 2262 have patiently waited for a resolution to their collective bargaining for many months.  They have been forced to take strike action for the first time in 60 years but before doing so, their union tried to appeal to the candidates for city council to end the impasse at the...

by Contributor on 4 November 2014 - 4:07pm

Editor's note: The original article had a link to the wrong video. This has been updated. 

To The Editor:
To the producers of the ad, “What The %$#@ Is Borscht?” the correct spelling is B-O-R-S-H-C-H in English – the last consonant of the word in Russian is pronounced “shch”; the producers of the ad, or staff at Grand Forks City Hall, could simply...

by Contributor on 28 October 2014 - 2:35pm

I was recently honoured to be chosen as the NDP candidate in the new federal riding of South Okanagan-West Kootenay.  I thank all who took part in the nomination election process.  I especially thank and congratulate my fellow candidate, Margaret Maximenko, and her team, for a tremendous campaign—a campaign that added hundreds of people to an already healthy riding membership.  I also thank...

by Contributor on 26 October 2014 - 6:58pm

To the Editor,

I am writing this comment /response to the October 23 article “Meeting on Fate of Blueberry Creek School Draws Hundreds” written by Kyra Hoggan.

The article describes the large turnout of people and the almost unanimous opinion that the School Board...

by Contributor on 13 October 2014 - 12:58pm

We are currently facing two pivotal moments in public education in British Columbia.

Firstly, we have just ended a lengthy strike that will bring five years of labour stability and an opportunity to rebuild relationships and strengthen our education system. Over the past several months there has been a focus on what was wrong with the system rather than what is right. Now is the time to...

by Contributor on 11 October 2014 - 3:34pm

Dear Editor,

It turns out that the man being hunted in Slocan is a person whom I know. He is actually a very good friend of (my partner’s). I have heard some ludicrous statements regarding this "psychopath" and the events over the past twenty-four hours, in fact I was one of the people spreading the rumours. I may not have made a huge deal out of it like I have read in some places, but...

by Contributor on 20 September 2014 - 4:31pm

Ed. Note: This was a post written on a Facebook page called 'In Loving Memory of Brando', then sent to The Source. To read the related news article, click here .

Hello everyone.

Brandon's dad here.

I hope and pray for each one of you, as you all...

by Contributor on 19 September 2014 - 4:01pm

For the past 18 years, I have had the pleasure of being the coordinator at Robson Community School. Twenty years ago, the school principal at Robson applied for Community School Status and as a result, $75,000 was brought into this district to set up a community school. A year or two later, Blueberry Creek also received these funds to offer programs for families and the community. As...

by Katrine Conroy on 19 September 2014 - 12:02pm

Dear Constituents,

This fall the citizens of Kootenay West have the ability to participate in a number of public consultations and services. I wanted to make sure that all of these opportunities were highlighted to have as much participation as possible from our region.

Each fall, the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services holds province-wide public...