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Under James’ own rules, Kwan must go

NDP Leader Carole James mishandled the “Bob Simpson” problem several weeks ago ..and now that has come back to haunt her. At the time, I criticised James for having MLA Simpson turfed from caucus for publicly criticising as lacklustre a speech  she made to the Union of BC Municipalties convention. It was lacklustre.  But although he did not say the leader had to go …his remarks were seen as criticism of James, so he got the boot.

The precedent was set; the message sent: open criticism would not be tolerated. Now MLA Jenny Kwan has said much worse. In a statement Wednesday the seasoned Vancouver NDPer said under James, there has been ”a steady erosion of our democratic principles.”

“Debate has been stifled, decision making centralized and individual MLAs marginalized,” Kwan continued. “Carole James is dividing the party by staying on as leader.”


And once more, she openly called for a leadership convention--this only two weeks after the “leader” received a resounding vote of support from the party’s provincial council.

Sure seems to me this is all a lot worse than merely criticizing a speech!!!

So Kwan has to go--kicked out of caucus--which I suspect she wants so she can pursue her campaign fora revolution inside the party.

To allow her to stay in caucus when Simpson was booted for a lot less would be the utmost in hypocrisy.

Harv Oberfeld is a journalist and blogger. This column originally appeared in his blog Keeping it Real. Reprinted with Mr. Oberfeld's kind permission.