Comprehensive update on Lemon Creek/Slocan River clean up offered on lemoncreekresponse.ca

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
August 1st, 2013

The website lemoncreekresponse.ca created by Executive Flight Centre (the company responsible the Lemon Creek jet fuel spill) now boasts its first update, indicating the company Quantam Murray has been contracted to contain and clean up the spill.

The update said there are currently 45 responders, 12 boats, one vacuum truck with pup trailer and 700 meters of river boom at work in the river system.

“Quantum Murray continues to find product, especially along bends in the Slocan River where vegetation and debris trap the fuel,” the update reads. “Responders are working their way down the river deploying collection booms and using pool nets and a vacuum truck to scoop up the contaminated material for disposal.

“Residents should expect to see continued activity along the river as this work continues over the upcoming weeks.“

Another company working the spill, according to the update, is SNC Lavalin, which has been contracted to handle water quality testing.

“SNC Lavalin has close to 20  specialists and scientists on site collecting water samples, sediment samples, and deceased fish and wildlife. This work will continue for several weeks.The samples are being sent to laboratories in the lower mainland for testing and analysis.”

Preliminary testing hasn’t yielded any surprises – as expected, there’s fuel in the river –  but testing will be ongoing and the results sent to IHA’s medical health officer , allowing him to best determine when to lift a ‘do not use’ order (for drinking, washing, watering livestock and gardens and recreational use) for Lemon Creek and the Slocan River.

The rest of the update reads as follows:


Fire Chief Terry Swan reports that they have enough volunteers to assist in putting up signs warning people not to go in the water.

Quantum Murray is working with the BC Ministry of Environment to develop volunteer opportunities for area residents.  More details to follow as they become available.

The Public Eye

Quantum Murray requests that any residents who notice fuel in the river to identify the exact location and forward the information along with your name and contact information to the RDCK office.  That information will then be forwarded to Quantum Murray which will dispatch a rapid response clean-up crew to the site.  This is particularly important for private landowners who may be required to grant access to the river from their property.

Potable Water Locations

Potable water is now available at the fire halls in Crescent Valley, Winlaw, Passmore and on Kennedy Road in Lemon Creek.  The tanks are being filled three times a day.  Unfortunately on Tuesday night, vandals knocked down and damaged the storage tank in Crescent Valley.  A replacement tank is now in place.  RCMP are investigating the incident and anyone with information should contact their closest detachment.

Losses and Claims

The cause and circumstance surrounding the incident are still under investigation by Transport Canada and by our safety team.   While the investigation continues, anyone who may have questions about losses or claims must follow the procedure as set out by the insurance company.  


Executive Flight Centre is committed to keeping you informed. A 1-800-number will be in operation within the next several days as well.  As well staff from EFC will be in the area to monitor progress and respond to concerns.  We know how important it is to have someone to talk to.

Key Contacts:

Questions? Need more information?  Here are the key contacts to call:

Executive Flight Centre – info@lemoncreekresponse.ca
1-800- number will be in service within a number of days
Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) – 1-800-268-7325
Interior Health Authority- Health Protection – 250-420-2240
Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure – 250-387-3198
Media Inquiries: Shael Gelfand 403-818-8849 sgelfand@peakco.com

Information updates will be posted on a regular basis.  Thank-you.

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