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7. What are the rules of conduct for commenting on news and other stories?
The Lone Sheep publications exist to inform and encourage public engagement and civil dialogue.

We ask you to reflect this intent in your comments, to relate your comments to the subject matter of the preceding articles, and to refrain from personal insults towards authors or other commenters.

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We reserve the right to delete comments we deem vulgar, personally insulting, libelous, racist, or sexist, or representing bigotry in any format, for any other reason harmful to the quality of the forum.  In addition, we may delete excessive postings from one commenter to give others a chance to comment. Regular violators of these rules will be blocked from further commenting.

Although Lone Sheep will attempt to apply these rules equitably and consistently, it is impossible for us to review all messages.

8. Blogs disclaimer

Opinions expressed in blogs posted to Lone Sheep sites reflect the opinions of their creators, not those of Lone Sheep Publishing.

9. Reporting objectionable content?
We like to think we’re perfect …but not everyone is! Seriously, because we encourage community participation on our site, we recognize the potential for problematic content in both copy and advertisements – if you see material you find offensive or inappropriate, please let us know, and we’ll address your concerns forwith. Our site is your site, and your input is critical to maintaining the highest levels of quality in our newspapers.

Please use our email us immediately, with your contact information, and a link to the comment in question, by using our contact forms, by following the “Contact” link in primary menu.

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