LETTER: New Denver mayor speaks to tragedy, offers donation option

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May 21st, 2014

(Ed. Note: This letter is in reference to a situation outlined in coverage you can read by clicking here. )

This has been a difficult 10 days for our community. 

Many people and agencies have come forward to help us.  We would like to thank:

–          RCMP;

–          New Denver & Area Fire Department;

–          BC Ambulance;

–          School Districts 10 & 8;

–          Arrow Lakes Search & Rescue;

–          Vernon Search & Rescue Coldstream Canada;

–          Emergency Management B.C;

–          Arrow & Slocan Lakes Community Services;

–          Interior Health;

–          Ministry of Health – Disaster Psychosocial Services; Ministry of Education;

–          Hospice Society;

–          Bruce’s Legacy (deep water search & rescue, Wisconsin);

–          MLA Katrine Conroy;

–          Child & Youth Mental Health;

–          Canadian Association for Trauma;

–          Selkirk College.

A special Thank You to Sgt. Darryl Little; School Superintendent Terry Taylor and the teachers; IH counsellors who have been at the school; Fire Chief Leonard Casley; those counsellors who made themselves available throughout the community; and the many people who provided food to all.

We would also like to thank the May Days Committee and volunteers for pushing through with May Days. This is a traditional community event which brings us together in a familiar, comfortable way and was much appreciated.

Thank you, also, to those many people and agencies who have sent their thoughts and condolences.

Everyone in the community stepped up and took a role. The quality of people here is unsurpassed. Through the best of times and the worst of times we roll up our sleeves and get it done. It is a great source of pride and comfort to be part of this community.

Ann Bunka, Mayor

An account has been set up at Kootenay Savings Credit Union to receive donations for the families.

Contact:  1-888-368-5728 or email:  support@kscu.com

New Denver Hospice Society Account 54734, Summit Savings #1

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