Kootenay Entrepreneurs get a Podcast and Radio Show all their own!

August 29th, 2014

Imagine the opportunity to sit down for a candid, in-depth conversation with the CEO founder of one of Canada’s top three employers (Globe and Mail 2014), or with the co-founder of the third-largest events website in the world. Or the chance to pick the brain of a nurse-turned-designer who has transformed multiple ideas into licensing deals with big-name action adventure sports companies, to learn his special alchemy: ideas into cash.

Now imagine all of these awesome people are local. Stop imagining; that’s real. You can actually do that here.

KAST’s new kickass You Can Do That Here! podcast series is for our region’s wealth of aspiring and current entrepreneurs, and anyone anywhere who loves a good small town success story.

As of August 28th, listeners will be able to get inside the heads of the entrepreneurs described above – and countless others like them – to learn about how they got started in business, the successes, failures, and twists in the road on their journey from everyday Kootenay resident to thriving tech titan, and loads of tips on how you might turn your own business dreams into reality – here in the region that you live in, and love.

An entrepreneur’s head is a unique place, and who better to take us there on tour than the Kootenay Association for Science and Technology’s own incomparable serial entrepreneur Andrew Zwicker.

“I’ve been an entrepreneur or working directly with other entrepreneurs for most of my career,” explained Zwicker. “Whenever I have heard stories from other business people and entrepreneurs on how they did it, I’ve always been super inspired, and able to incorporate something from their stories into my own. This podcast is a way that we can all tap into the inner workings of what has made Kootenay folks successful, and use their knowledge and insight to propel our own ventures forward.”

The new weekly show is available on iTunes, and will feature interesting, funny and value-laden conversations with the likes of Time.ly’s Bradley Roulston, Cartolina’s Fiona Richards, The Rossland Beer Company founders, Traction On Demand’s Greg Malpass and more.

Fortify your brain appropriately, as knowledge bombs will be dropping hard, exposing listeners to tips and tricks that can only be gleaned from experience and hard-won success.

“Kootenay talent is both incredible and often oddly secret,” added Erin Handy, KAST’s executive director. “One of the major takeaways from our recent manufacturing and technology sector project was that as a region, we suck at celebrating and showcasing our creative and compelling business success stories. If you have an idea for a business, you really can do that here and KAST can help.”

Get a sneak peak at the first five episodes dropping August 28th at www.kast.com/youcandothathere, or on iTunes by searching “You Can Do That Here”, or catch the show on Kootenay Co-op Radio launching in October 2014.

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