Incumbent councillor Dan Rye shares platform

Dan Rye
By Dan Rye
October 24th, 2014

My name is Dan Rye and I am seeking a second term on Castlegar City Council. It has been an honour to serve the citizens of Castlegar for the last three years.

I moved to Castlegar in 1999 with my wife Randi and have been employed as store manager at Kootenay Market since arriving.

I have a long record of Community service, including:

  •  Member and Past President of Castlegar Rotary Club;
  •  Member and Past President of Castlegar Chamber of Commerce;
  •  Past member of United Way;
  •  I was awarded Castlegar’s Business Person of the Year in 2005 and 2014.

During my term on Council I have served on the following committees:

  • Planning and Development;
  • Green Committee;
  • Community Wellness;
  • Public Safety;
  • Castlegar and District Recreation Commission;
  • Chaired Civic Works and Transportation (responsible for Millennium Ponds Project );
  • And Cultural and Civic Pride.

I believe Castlegar is on the cusp of some major development. There are a number of projects being investigated at this time. I will work hard towards seeing these projects come to fruition.

From my time on City Council I am especially proud of the following:

1.       The Millennium Ponds project. I believe this will be a major attraction in Castlegar for years to come. With the ponds in place, the Rotary/Zellstoff picnic pavilion, the Rotary Outdoor Gym and the new Bike Park, we are well on our way to making this area a great family destination spot.

2.       I am proud of the fact that we have a multi-year road paving and infrastructure plan in place. And we have been able to do these projects without borrowing any money.

3.       My proudest moment was being at UBCM in Vancouver in 2013. After a presentation about Sculpturewalk was finished, we were swarmed by representatives from communities around the province, congratulating Castlegar on this project. Having the Minister of Communities, Sport and Culture get up and speak about Castlegar and Sculpturewalk was amazing. Even at UBCM in 2014, people were still asking questions about Sculpturewalk. We truly are ‘The Sculpture Capital of Canada’.

In my next term, I want to work for and accomplish the following:

1.       I want to ensure that our Regional Airport is expanded and improved to ensure it remains viable and reliable. The Airport is a key economic driver for the region. We can be a year-round recreation destination and need to market ourselves as one.

2.       I want to see continued development of Millennium Park so that it becomes a cultural and recreational center for all citizens.

3.       I will support business retention and expansion and will work co-operatively with all partners to encourage business growth.

4.       I will support a Recreation Master Plan that includes all groups and citizens being part of the decision-making process.

5.       I will work on behalf of our citizens to maintain the level of health services and continue to work towards improved health care facilities in our community.

6.       I want to ensure we continue to support cultural projects and events that build community pride, like Sculpturewalk, Art walk, Communities in Bloom, Sunfest and Kootenay Festival.

7.       I want to ensure we have competitive tax rates

8.       I want to ensure we are fiscally responsible, as we have been in the past with the building of City Hall, the Millennium Ponds Project, the paving program and upgrading infrastructure

9.       Most of all I want to be part of a Council Team that keeps Castlegar moving forward in a progressive and positive way

I hope you will let me continue to work for you. Vote Dan Rye on November 15th.

I encourage everyone to get out and vote. Thank You



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