PODCAST: You can do that here! Episode 4: How to retain and attract top talent with Greg Malpas

Andrew Zwicker
By Andrew Zwicker
January 14th, 2015


People. Any smart entrepreneur out there knows that to truly do great things in business, it’s going to take more than just yourself to get the job done. People indeed are truly a companies greatest asset.  Putting in place those people that can get behind your goal, get engaged with your company’s mission, and truly want to see your business succeed and grow are critical to the success of any great company. Yes, you want those people that aren’t just there for the job, or the paycheque and are just putting in their time. You want those people that love your entrepreneurial baby as much as you do, people that will help nurture it, grow it and in turn find  and attract in others to join the team.

But how do you do it? Simply knowing that people are your most valuable resource is the first place to start, and for most, that doesn’t take much convincing. But how do you figure out just what type of people you both want and need around you to help you venture succeed? Once you know who those people are, how do you find them? How do you attract them to get as excited about your business as you are? Once you have them, how do you make sure they stay, and not just stay but spread the word about how great your company is so that it attracts in more people that want to join the team, and of course ultimately draws in business and helps you grow, above and beyond your own expectations?

Today we’ll be talking to Greg Malpass, from Nelson, BC, founder and CEO of TractionOnDemand, now based out of Vancouver, BC. As one of the early adopters of SalesForce, TractionOnDemand is a CRM consulting and software development firm with unparalleled expertise in Salesforce implementations, data quality and marketing automation.

As well as being leaders in their field, Traction On Demand was recently named one of the Top 3 Employers in Canada by The Globe and Mail. Clearly their ability to attract and retain top quality staff has been instrumental in them achieving business success.

In this episode  Greg tells us the Traction On Demand story, how they got started, what it is they do, how their people have been critical to that process, how they found them, attract them, and ultimately how they went on to be named one of the top 3 employers in Canada.


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