Nelson Police urge motorcyclists to be careful when travelling highways

Nelson Daily Staff
By Nelson Daily Staff
May 20th, 2015

Nelson Police is advising drivers to watch out for motorcycles on the road now that summer-like weather has now began to dominate the West Kootenays.

“The minimalism of riding a motorcycle can be a fun, efficient method of transportation, but also makes riders more vulnerable to hazards compared to traveling by car,” said Nelson Police Sergeant Paul Bayes.

“Safety is absolutely necessary when hitting the road in any type of vehicle but especially on a motorcycle.”
Bayes said motorcycle drivers account for only two per cent of all B.C. drivers, but new statistics say they are 15 times more likely than other vehicles to be involved in a crash.
“The highest number of motorcycle crashes involves individuals between the ages of 16 and 25,” Bayes explained.

“This may suggest that inexperience is also a contributing factor in motorcycle accidents.”

Nelson Police would like to advise the motorcyle divers of a few safety tips before taking to highways:

  • Drive what you can control. Often, people buy motorcycles that are too powerful for them to handle. Ask your dealer if you can test drive the bike before you buy it.
  • Wear a DOT (Department of Transportation) approved helmet.  Choose the helmet best suited for how you ride, and replace your helmet every five years.
  • Wear clothing that will protect you in a fall. Heavy denim or leather jackets and pants aren’t just stylish; they help prevent nasty cuts and burns if you fall.
  • Always be seen. Assume car drivers can’t see you, so leave them plenty of room. Also, wear clothing or reflective materials that allow you to be seen.
  • Ride in the proper position in the lane. Know where you should be positioned in the lane and never drive along the middle of the lane where there is oil build up from cars.


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