Trail/Castlegar/Nelson air cadets fly at Trail airport

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May 25th, 2015

On the weekend of May 23/24, the cadets of the three West Kootenay Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons flew in the Air Cadet Gliders at the Trail Regional Airport. The Cadets were from 531 Squadron in Trail, 561 Squadron in Nelson and 581 Squadron in Castlegar.

The two SGS2-33A gliders and one Cessna 182 tow plane are owned by the Air Cadet League of Canada, British Columbia Committee and are operated by the Department of National Defense.

The pilots are cadets that have attended the Glider Pilot scholarship, or adult members of the cadet program who are members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre. All these pilots volunteer their time to provide this experience for the local cadets.

Every spring and fall, all cadets have the opportunity to fly in the cadet aircraft. The cadets are also involved in all aspects of the day, working as ground crew to push the glider, performing signaling duties and getting hands on experience in the aircraft.

During the summer, selected senior cadets may spend the summer at 19 Wing, CFB Comox and attend the Glider Pilot Scholarship where they earn their civilian glider pilot license. It is these cadets that become the future pilots and leaders of the Cadet Flying Program.

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets, in partnership with the Air Cadet League of Canada and the Department of National Defence has been training youth in Canada for over 70 years. The Cadets are the largest government funded youth program in Canada with over 50,000 participants across Canada. The Royal Canadian Air Cadets accepts youth between the ages of 12-18 who have a desire to learn more about the air element of the Canadian Forces, wish to develop the attributes of leadership and good citizenship and who wish to promote physical fitness. While the program is military based, there is no obligation for a cadet to join the Canadian Armed Forces when he or she finishes their cadet career. Cadets are also encouraged to learn more about opportunities within Canada’s Aviation Industry.

For more information about 531 Trail Squadron, email kelly.hoglund@cadets.gc.ca

For more information about 561 Nelson Squadron, email osprey561ssc@gmail.com

For more information about 581 Castlegar Squadron, email gerry.rempel@cadets.gc.ca

For more information on the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, please visit www.cadets.ca

For more information about the Air Cadet League of Canada, please visit www.aircadetleague.com

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